The new 2011 Sport "Tools and Techniques" catalog is comprised of two sections:

- Technical Solutions:
The technical information is presented as a series of Solutions, which puts the techniques in their context with detailed explanations. We hope this information easy-to-learn and useful. If you're interested in our previous tips, check out the technical pages in last year's catalog (see below).

- Products:
Here you'll find concise descriptions of the full range of Petzl lighting and vertical products. For more information on specific products, you can find the complete specifications here at


With this year's catalog, we've reduced the number of printed pages considerably. It is also printed on 100% recycled paper, obtained mostly from post-consumer waste. This is part of Petzl's ongoing efforts to reduce our environmental impact.

We hope you enjoy this year's catalog. We are continually striving to provide you with both the tools and techniques to help you to enjoy the vertical world. Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page.

Please note: Currently the catalog is only available in English and French. The 12 other languages will be available for download in late March. Thank you for your patience.


Discover the new 2011 catalog




2011 catalog

Would you be able to send a paper copy of the 2011 sport and profesional catalogs to
4th Lewes Scout Group
c/o Mr K Brydon
193 Old Malling Way
East Sussex

Kind regards



Hello Karl,

We have forwarded your request to our distributor in the UK, stay tuned for receiving the catalogs.

Thank you for your interest

Posting a paper catalogue

Greetings Petzl,
Would you be willing to send a paper catalogue to the following address:

Thanks a ton and keep up the great work,
my best,

Answer Posting a paper catalogue

Hello Nathan,

Your adress has been forwarded to our American subsiduary in Salt Lake City, you should quickly reveive your catalog.

Thank you for your support

Comments and answers on the website are to be viewed by all, to preserve your personnal data your adress has been erased from the public view.

Catalogs can be ordered directly through the contact thumbnail of the website

Paper Catalogue request

Can you please mail a paper copy of your 2011 catalogue to:

Bill Westwell
103-1555 Graveley St
Vancouver, BC
V5L 3A5 Canada

Thank you kindly,


Could you please send a catalog to my nephew at the following address:

Allen Dover 1005067
PO Box 256
Mt. Vernon, Ga. 30445

2011 sport catalog paper edition

can you send me the 2011 sport catalog?

kathryn mitzka
231 xenia ave apt.1
yellow springs, oh 45387

please mail a paper copy of your 2011 catalogue

Can you please mail a paper copy of your 2011 catalogue to:

P.O.Box:13445-685 Tehran - IRAN

Hi, Can you please mail a

Can you please mail a paper copy of your 2011 catalogue to:
Tihomir Colev
21 Zaichar St

Thank you

Re: Hi, can you please mail à

dear Tihomir,

Your request has been forwarded to our Bulgarian Distributor. Stay tuned for reception of the catalog.
Thank you for your interest.


Tx for the catalog

Tx for the catalog

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