About one year after visiting Mexico I was back again. This time because of the Petzl Roctrip festival held at the crags of El Chonta (near the city of Taxco) and Jilotepec. The agenda was climbing, sightseeing and party as always. It was really great to see the old team+some new faces and all the hyper psyched mexican climbers that had attended. 

visiting the pyramids of Teutihuacan and then the mescal ,shamanic sauna, on one of our rare restdays.

the Petzl-team in a new shape...

my man Ste Mac on the, to say the least, spectacular "8a" in the El Chonta cave.

As always we would get out first and finish last. As it's the end of the year/season for me I really had to push hard to try to keep up with the pase. My batteries are running low and are hard to recover... Our spartan home in Jilotepec was also a test for someone who needed to rest and who already travelled 8 months this year. But it was a really unique experience, especially when the team was still together and had not yet looked for a more comfortable bivaque. And the final party in Jilo was as crazy as ever, with a local Mariachi band warming up the crowd. We entered the scene with the Sagagnass Sound System at around midnight with mexican wrestling masks on -the crowd went bananas!

crankin' during our days in Jilotepec. photo: Marcos Ferro

let's boogie!

After the festival a pretty big group stayed in Mexico. But I felt like I wanted to see more than just rocks as I had travelled so far. So I jumped on a night bus to Chiapas to see the beautiful city of San Cristobal and experience the magic of the rainforest, waterfalls etc around Palenque. On my way back I also took a day in Ouaxaca -now this i REAL Mexico!

downtown Ouaxaca

To finish the trip I stayed with some new friends in Mexico City to experience the local climbing+traffic jams...

Miguel Hernandez at his home turf, a 30 meter pump 8b.

and me trying to follow his example

But as with everything, it has to come to an end. It was time to leave the desert for the nordic winter. And of course I got harassed once again at the George Bush airport in Texas on the way back home -but it was worth it!