The perfect place to relax and vacation is a place where you can't do anything. For me it has always been at my grandparents in Kauhava, Finland. It's been like a second home since I was a kid and the endless fields, forests and lakes always always gives me a peace of mind. Although I had booked 2 weeks this time it seemed as if it was not long enough due to too many activities to call it a true vacation...

only one hour from our house is the city of Vaasa with endless bouldering potential. here on a classic 7C at Runsor, close to the airport.

since I come here at least once a year I built this little wall a few years ago. It's not big but enough to keep the power going...

trying to collect a few working class points by shoveling bullshit on a restday at my cousin Annikas farm.

leaving the coutryside for 24 hours: I had a dj gig at my sponsor C2´s (distributor for Petzl, La Sportiva, Beal etc in Sweden) 10th anniversary party in Uppsala outside Stockholm. But I also had time to climb and did a few last routes on the list in the area -a benchmark 8b+ etc.

back in Kauhava playing some good old tango and waltz tunes with my grandfather Eero.

with my grandfather and best friend Eero at the heart of Finland and what we call "lakeus". I hope this master will stay with us for at least a few years more.