with Dani and Andrea enjoying some real Gothenburgish food at my place in Gothenburg.

Oh boy -it's been some hectic times lately: just too much of everything. I'm now in Finland on somekind of vacation at my grandparents, trying to recover from all the rush in the past. But all the crazy rush has also been crazy fun!

To sum it all up: climbing mostly outdoors and bolting, a climbingfestival in Stockholm (slideshows, clinics, comps) where also Dani (Andrada) was invited and we then continued to Gotheburg to climb and flim a little movie, "Bestcoast Riot", that will be ready for this winter (keep you eyes open on petzl.com), another festival but for music -the yearly Vox Pacis peace festival in Stockholm. Add to all this that it's the month of Ramadan wich for me means no eating when the sun is up!

Dani doing a brutal OS of "Sator", 8a at Örnberget, Stockholm.

Back in comp mode winning the Swedish CCH at "K2" during the Swedish Climbingfestival in Stockholm.

Finally sending the testpiece "Laroy" 8c. The problem with this one is that a few keyholds are almost allways wet. During the send they were at least less wet... photo: Martin Arvidsson/maphoto.se

the crux of the route, it's an extension to an allready existing 8b+ called "Leroy".

one of our 5 gig's with my band TREQ-gnawa during this period, here at "Stallet" in Stockholm.

parts of the Vox Pacis team at Sofiakyrkan in Stockholm after our last performance. artist pictured here from India, Tibet, Sapmi, Morocco, Senegal and Israel (Shipra, Chime, Marie, Said 1, Said 2, Ingrid, Mamadou, Loten and Paul) -a truly unique spectacle!