bouldering at Vetteberget, Fjällbacka with a sauna near the ocean and a BBQ waiting

There are some periods of the year when I really prefer to be anywhere but in Sweden. The summer is generally not that time: the weather is perfect, the ocean warm enough for a swim after climbing as you are almost always climbing on walking distance from the ocean or in worst case a lake. The sun sets at around 11 p.m. so you have plenty of time also for the late BBQ. So I've been doing just that and some bolting etc. Hope to get some new stuff done before Dani (Andrada) and Dave (Graham) gets here. We will hopefully make a little movie about this so stay tuned!

putting the last bolt in on a future classic in Evenröd.

trying a project ages ago (as you can see by the looks of it) in Granitgrottan. I finally did it as the route is dryer than ever =climbable.

I took a few days of to go to the tradeshow in Germany and had a thriller dj set at the Peak Performance party, a good warm up for the upcoming dj gig's!