The team gathered on Saturday morning and boarded their
coach. 24 climbers, including some of Britain’s
best, Nick Sellars, Ryan Pasquil, Neil Mawson, Paul Smitton, Sam Whittacker and
Myself. That’s a fair collection of E9’s and 8c’s in there. The destination?
Not a day’s climbing! Too hot for that, and way too humid. Instead it was an
all day dance festival – ‘Cocoon in the park’. After last years great success
it was back again, but bigger and better, with thousands of like minded people gathering
at Temple Newson in leeds.

It could not have been more perfect, huge open fields of dry
grass to lounge around on under the sun with the temperatures soaring. The
pumping tunes and a massive stage in the centre was where the action was going
off. Noon till 11pm, non stop. I chilled till 1pm then got on board the dance train and amongst the
techno. Ten hours straight. Awesome. It was a long walk back up the hill later
with legs of lead, and an even further cycle ride home at 2am.

Next day I was 3kg lighter than the day before! Maybe I
should have gone climbing. Though maybe not! Instead it was a very different
party, my daughters 4th birthday complete with bouncy castle and
many bouncy kids. I had figured an all day event compared to an all night event
would be easier on the head the next day but funnily enough it was not!