It was time: after about 3,5 months on the road the time was right to start driving north, back to Sweden. The heat was rising -a good sign it was time to start looking for cooler temps somewhere else! Also, you never get that real rest on the road, I was missing my own bed! After around 100 routes of 8a-8c+ done on the trip it was time to change the rythm. I want to do some traing to gain some more power and I want to do (or at least try) all the routes I bolted last year. Ok, I think you got the picture -time to go home, but soon to return!
one last 8 for the trip, the womens "ultimate route" at the Natural Games at le Boffi/Millau. Not really "ultimate" for todays women though, as most of them hiked it...
The final of the trip was a few festivals: the Natural Games in Millau and Rio Loco in Toulouse. The first one for climbing, the second for music. It was good to see some familiar faces in Millau although the festival was not the same as back in the day... I met maestro Zaky Diarra in Toulouse for a last lesson and jam.

                just before sliding of those slope/mantle finishes in Font.
Then via Paris for few days. Had a really sweaty day in Font but a great time with friends never the less.
Now back in a summerlike Sweden: the climbing temps are ok, the ocean is around 20 degrees (perfect!), loads of new routes to try, 3 new bandmembers in my group, Dani (Andrada) and Dave (Graham) will be stopping by soon -this is the time to be here!
a last jam with Zaky Diarra in Toulouse before hitting the road. Here playing the song "Djina Moussou" -the spirit of the forest. I hope you like it!