Relieved that our car was still in the right place (after our 2 weeks in Mallorca, leaving it near the  Barcelona airport) and nothing was missing, we soon hit the road again. After picking up my buddy Anders "Vinränk" Lans in Barca we headed towards France. I thought that gorges du Tarn would be good for all of us as it has routes in (allmost) all grades. But it was my 5 trip to the Tarn so I relized, when we arrived, that I had done allmost everything. Fortunately almost everything -there were still a few goodies to have a play on.

cleaning some routes I'd missed OS but never tried to RP. some of the best climbing ever as ususal in the Tarn!

ah, a new one! a great new 8b+ in the l'Osasif sector. I'm quite sure it wasn't a project, but if -don't tell anyone..!

One thing was different though -the conditions and temps! Usually it HOT at this time of the year but we were lucky to have some of the best weather so far this year: cool, windy and not too humid.

I also celebrated my 29th birthday with finally finding a good moroccan restaurant, in Millau and then a slow jam with Anders in our motorhome.

It's also our last week of the 3 1/2 month trip before heading back to Sweden. Not because I'm done but because it's time to visit my family. Before leaving again...