So, what is really the simple life? Climbing in itself is sometimes really hard but to able to focus only on that it becomes sort of simple. The climb-eat-sleep life at least sounds pretty simple? Simple and hard doesn't need to be the same thing either... enough of this for now. I'm currently staying with my friends Dani and Andrea who just got a new house and land outside of LLeida (Catalunya, Spain). With so much land you will have to become a farmer -like it or not. But I guess there is a reason why ou choose the country life and leave the city behind. Anyway, the place is still in the centre of all the good climbing and the past time we've spent mostly in Margalef. I was a bit anxious before coming here, wondering if my finger would work in all the hard pocket climbs. But now I'm reliefed as I've done all the little projects I had here; 8b+, 8c, 8c+. As allways these are all just numbers, but its great for your self confidense to know you can pull hard again after a big injury as mine.

 the farmer Dani himself making shure he will have food on the table also tomorrow

I know I've posted a photo of this route before but the line and rock is just so beautiful. 8c, 8c+?

a few 8's a day keeps the doctor away... photo: Laurent Lafouchardiere/Petzl

I also used the restdays to finally find a teacher in the Chineese violin the Er-Hu in Barcelona. We aslo run into some friends, other good music and too much good food: the asian buffé with all you can eat sushi, candy, ice-cream etc... I've also met all kinds of nice people out here in the mountains who came and went. It's also time for me to move on soon (but to return in a near future). Next stop: Toulouse and then the Melloblocco festival in Val Di Mello in Italy for a music gig with the Sagagnass Sound System and climbing (not like last year when I played and just watched peolpe climb)!

After searching in Paris I finally found him here at the metrostop "Espanya" in Barcelona, the Er-Hu teacher that I have a hard time talking to. He only speaks chineese...

The easygoing beachlife of Barca with an unusually interesting and good street flamencogroup with a blond! flamenco singer. Olé!