the fine region just south of the Pyrenées and the home of worldclass climbing: Oliana, Tres Ponts etc

Arriving in Toulouse was great with some real spring feelings in the air. I checked out the local crag of Saint Antonin a relized, once again, how many great crags there are outside the mainsteam climbing radar. Yes! But it was hard to find partners during the weekdays so I had only one option: hit the road again... I headed for the up and coming crag of Oliana, some 3+ hours from Toulouse. I was there a few years ago with Chris with only a few routes and no peolpe there. This time I went alone and found that everybody (ok, not everybody but loads of people) were there includig loads of new routes. Team America/the Island, team Lleida with captain Andrada´s voice echoing all the way down in the village, team Basque, team Sweden but also legendary french hardmen Serge (l'Idole) and Bruno (Graou), both friends from before. Suddenly finding a climbingparner seemed to be the least problem... and good routes? Anywhere I turned my head..!

Serge "l'Idole" Casteran and Bruno "Graou" Clement with the crag of Oliana in the background

team Sweden member Erik Grandelius smoking an imported Cuban cigarr after his send of yet another 8c.

after last years big break from climbing I feel like a ticking bomb, finally back in my right element.  here in Margalef on yet another route (hopefully) ready to go down.

So, Oliana is great but we also revisited Tres Ponts, took a day in Montgrony and are now in Margalef wich also seemes to have more peolpe and routes than before. Now wonder though, this place is truly magic! And to cultivate ourselves we placed a visit to the party capital of Barcelona and my favoutite club JazzSi with liveflamenco on fridays. The Best!

team Sweden member Björn "Hawaii-Böna" Strömber remembering the good old days, getting ready for a night out in Barca

eveybody should experienece this place sometime. or at least I'm happy to have had the possibilty to do so. OLÉ!