After 1,5 month in Gothenburg it was time to hit the road once again. The massive amounts of snow finally started to melt away and it was possible to top out routes and boulders without the help of iceaxes... First up was a 3 week tour with my teacher Christer Bothen in the Stockholm area. I was glad to drive a rental car so digging out my own could wait a bit more. We did 26 gigs+1 recording during this period. Ad training myself+others, some slideshows in Stockholm+Odense (Denmark) and socializing the 3 weeks ended up being a true marathon.

finally touching some stone. my friend Petter Restorp trying a beautiful line just 3 minutes walking from his house in Bohuslan, Sweden.

the on-the-road-office, here at the Stat hotell in Katrineholm during the tour.

                                                    Maestro getting ready for one more show

                                                                             in the studio

                                       an of the set tour gig at Multi Kulti, Stockholm feat. Ismail Essakali

saying goodbye to some friends/musicians and the Restaurant Bazar, the venue where we have been jamming in past. the place is closing down so this was our final jam there...

After the tour I barely had time to stop over in Gothenburg and say goodbye for this time. A final jam at Bazar was the highlight of the weekend. Then dig out and pack the car to go south. First stop was Paris and Fontainebleau. Climbing and music, as usual... last time I was in Font was 10 years ago so it was great to be back. The final night we also went to see my friend Nuru Kane on his releasgig for his new album ( Now we have reached Toulouse wich will be the base for the months to come. Le Tarn/Dourbie/Boffi+Catalunya being just around the corner. The future looks very bright indeed!

my buddy Tonde cleaning up yet another classic in the forest.

Nuru Kane and the Bayefall Gnawa performing at Les 3 Baudets near Pigalle in Paris. !!!