going off piste with my boys from back in the day in the scandinavian alps: Hemsedal, Norway.

So this is what a real winter should be like? I can't eaven remember when we had this much snow in Gothenburg (and Sweden in general for that matter) last time. Maybe when I was a kid, but only maybe... a new record! Man, I have to start almost every by day shoveling snow in front of my door just to get out of the house. When did that happen last time? -never! I love this though, this is the snow that lights up the otherwise dark wintermonths in the north. And you can finally do the things you always dream of otherwise. Most of it has been the basic stuff: training (but more that usual!), music (gigs, recordings, jams) and the good life. But ad skiing and we are really talking!


nordic ski with coach Jens ner my home in GBG.

9-10 training sessions a week. got to try to get back in shape before moving south in march. here: systemwall -check. weightbelt -check. lock off or die (blocar o morir, ey Dani?) -check!


doing some new Giddabush (that turned into a duo) recordings in "Studio Shaman" with Fredrik.


at the opening of the Gothenburg International Film Festival with Deniz and the "Balkan Beat Party" crew at Trägårn. photo: Sussi Bergren

Snow is fun and all but you can't f+++ing freeclimb in these conditions. And I'm not a fan of the ice axe... so after I finish a 3 week tour with Maestro Bothén and some more training its time to move south for real. Next stop: Toulouse and beyond.