the alpine capital of Europe -Chamonix

Since coming back from from the States Gothenburg has had 3 hours of sun in the month of novemberr. This is almost true... Fortunately I got to go to Denmark for a wedding+do a slideshow in Copenhagen, a weekend in Chamonix with 2 gigs with Sagagnass Soundsystem and climbing, more gigs and 2 days of climbing on the Gothenburg rock.

making people dance on tables and hang from lamps in the roof with SSS at Chambre Neuf/Cham (thanks Peak Performance for inviting us!)


one man army on a frosty bouldering day in Mellbydalen

But I can't take it no more. So I'm leaving for Cuba+Mexico tomorrow to look fo some fine latin american tufas tomorrow. And I might find something more on the way!