running laps for the cameras on the classic "White Rastafarian".

Was this my 6th or 7th time in north America? I started loosing track... but hey, the amount of times is not at all important. The experience has been great every time and this one didn't let me down either.

This trip started of in Joshua Tree. I worked but mostly climbed (fortunately in this case -it's the same thing!) for one of my main sponsors Peak Performance. We shoot and filmed both bouldering, sport and trad and in some cases what I would call solo. For example the highball "So Hight" I guess would be described as new school highball bouldering? Anyway, it was a great week with a great posse and a classic final with caraoke at the Joshua Tree saloon. 

In Joshua Tree I also met Matt Smith and we teamed up for the road. Next stop: Bishop and Yosemite Valley!

Matt on another classic: "Ironman Traverse" at the Buttermilks, Bishop.

maybe not AS classic but perfect nevertheless: some pocket traverse up in the Happy boulders, Bishop.

ending the day with this beautiful overhanging arét. Thank's Matt, Lisa and Wills for the patience and spotting..!

In Bishop, we stayed with some local friends Wills Young and Lisa Rands. Maybe the best guides to guide you around if you have limited time in Bishop (and it goes without saying that they are great company too!)? We also me Fred Nicole and Mary Gabrieli and we had a nice day up at a high elevation spot near Mammoth.

Lisa working something hard up in the snow.

you don't need to worry when you have this guy watching your ass!

fine dining with Matt, Mary, Lisa, Fred, me and Wills (behind the camera).

Then, it was time for Yosetime. I was here last time exactly 10 year ago so it was really nostalgic to enter the park and camp 4.

 a somewhat desperate send...

There was a few things I wanted to do back in the Valley. Midninght Lightning was one of them. I couldn't figure out how to do the last mantle back in -99. And as it turned out, I almost didn't quite understand this time either... but finally, totally trashed after 5 days on climbing, it clicked. Thank's Randy and Noah for the beta! We then had us some fine Taco Bell burritos and headed for L.A. and a last day in Cali.

waiting for David Hasselhof to take over the shift at Venice beach.

After a real treat (thank's Chris!) in L.A. with all the must do's it was time to move on to Boulder (once again). As I stood there on the airport in L.A. in my wet shorts, fresh after a nice swim, and saw the snowdump weather repport from Colorado, it didn't feel quite right to leave the beach behind!

back at my good old friend Christian Griffiths new house in Boulder.

climbing some quality sandstone at the Industrial Wall. Man -allthough I've been here so many times before I was surprised by some of the superb routes I did on this trip.

But the weater was finally perfect! I climbed with old and new friends, some really really good routes! But everything has sooner or later come to an end... Heading back home in one on CG's cars.