playing with my band TREQ -gnawa at the "museum of world cultures" at the Eid-El-Fitr party ending the month of Ramadan.

I'm in the US (in Yosemite to be presice) right now. But to sum up the time before I came here, I've put together some photos from the past 2 months. It's included loads of climbing (bouldering, trad, sport and comp!) and bolting, music -nothing new! I've been mostly around Gothenburg but also got the chance to check out one of Finlands majour bouderingspots outside Vaasa, while visiting my grandparents. Chris (Sharma) came by for a couple of shows and he had 2 hour´s to climb some classics just outside my house. Check parts of the show on: where we did a little freestyle jam/photostream at the end.

still injured -not in shape but what the hell... if the wether is bad and the nordic champion's are just around the corner, why not give it a go for old times sake?

jamming/warming up with Chris at my house before the show in Gothenburg. here me on the guinbri and Chris on the japaneese chukahatchi flute. photo: Emil Sergel/

Sharma on a really good OS try on "Kriminell" 8b+ at Hylteberget. photo: Per-Ola Andersson/

getting ready to bolt yet another of the 20+ routes I put up in a few weeks around Gothenburg. some of them will be real classics! stay tuned...

finally the doctor said I could go for it 100%!!! so finally I can start pulling as hard as I can. here on the classic bouldering circuit in Utby.

After Shooting the spring -10 catalog in Joshua Tree for Peak Performance, I hooked up with a new friend, Matt. We went to Bishop and are now in Yosemite. Soon coming up with a full repport. Until then, maybe see you on Astroman, Midnight Lightning, downtown L.A., Boulder?!