To conclude the past 2 months: summertime in Gothenburg with gigs, running and the good life. Then one month in Morocco: firts up the gnawa festival in Essauira. Then a bit of Marrakech, trekking in the Atlas mountains up on jebel Toubqal (via Imlil) -North Africas highest peak on around 4200m. Gnawa rituals in Marrakech (Tamesloht) and Salé/Rabat. Familylife and too much food! Then back in Sweden: Finally started climbing after my 5 month break! But easy does it for now... Went to the Outdoor tradeshow in Friedrikschafen, hung out and did a gig for Peak Performance with LaFouche feat. Timmy O'Neill. Back in Gothenburg, drove directly from the airport to another gig... Did a stunt job for a swedish movie than will run on the next Gothenburg Film Festival and SVT. Then LaFouche came over and we did a little shoot for Petzl. Philippe Ribiere arrived in his van and we have been out doing the best of the crisp july weather.

Now I'm heading of to France in a few hours for the TAB festival in l'Argentierre de la Bessé for gigs and climbing, then EASY climbing in Ceuse! Now, where's that BIG bag for both climbinggear and instruments..?

m'allem (maestro) Abdellatif El Machzoumi and his troup at the opening of the gnawa festival in Essauira.

at the top of Toubqal at 4200 something meters.

heading back down.

with m'allem Abdellrzaq Moustaqim and his group during a ritual in Salé.

it´s feels so GOOD!

with Timmy and LaFouche outside Friedrikschafen at the Peak Performance Party.

back in Gothenburg, playing at the Balkan Club "Disco Fanfare".