This year's 10mila was held in south Sweden, somewhat special
because otherwise it has always been around Stockholm. But Skåne
offered a great event with good organisation, nice terrain and
spring-feeling during the day (in the night the temperature fell down

As you read in my last blog am I still on my way back to the top again. I could make my first steps in Hungary again and it was fun! Now my training is increasing every week and some days before 10mila I began to think about a start in our Ulricehamns OK-team. I was lured to run the short third leg with only 35' to run... I discussed with my husband and my doctor and we came to an end that it was better not to risk anything. Even though it was hard to only be a spectator, I think it was
worthy regarding the upcoming season.

Our girls made an extraordinary race without Jenny (who was sick) and me. Ida, Signe, Helena, Linda and Maja ran all very well and came to a superb 8th place. Do not think about our possibilites with a healthy team... Our two new danish runners Ida and Signe made a clear run in the terrain which was quite the same as they know from Denmark. Helena made her best on the unforked third leg and Linda was fighting against the fast runners on the fourth leg. Maja, our anchor runner, made a great run and was catching a lot of teams, ending on the 8th spot. congratulations girls!!!

I was sort of a coach at the changing place, motivating the girls before their run and waiting for them afterwards. We had our little girl Malin with us and there were a lot of new people she got to know ;-)

After the women's race everybody was looking forward to the men's relay. The start was at 21.30 p.m. and it's always a special feeling looking at all the shining headlamps at the start line. Fantastic seeing them at the spectator control where there was a line of lamps running through the forest and heading down to the arena.

I was following the race on the online-stream while Malin was sleeping... it was very exciting waiting at the TV-control, seeing a lamp and not knowing who it will be... Matthias on the second leg was always in the first group of runners and it was a pleasure to her Per Forsberg's voice " Ulricehamns OK still among the best teams!"

After 7 legs UOK was still among the ten best teams but unfortunately then came some mistakes which led the team to a even superb 14th place. Second best result for UOK in 10mila history!

Now we are all very motivated for Jukola-relay which will take place in Mikkeli (SF) mid of June. I hope I will be within the team then and we can fight for a good place. We have won Jukola 3 times with UOK and we hope to fight for the medals also this year!