As checked out the previous day, it is warm outside...and still raining.
The bravest of us are awake around 7.30am for the scottish cooked breakfast.

But most of us are skiping it for sleeping purposes...
9.00am back to our van again toward Kinlochleven, a small village about 8 miles away and its big indoor climbing place. Once there, we discover a very nice sport center, a few nice climbing walls but especially an indoor ice wall...

Everyone looks excited but not for so long. Remember that those guys are hungry for working out and only happy with sore arms.

This looks more like a children playground for them... so it's play time !

After 2 hours spent in this fridge, Tony find another hiden room, with
some nice inverted boulders...
It's now the whole crew gathered here on
what looks like a Trophee Fabtor... Another way to sore arms and swollen
fingers ! After such an entertaining morning, we head back home for

The crew is now split in small groups, some are chilling in the Jacuzzi, some are taking a nap, but the Petzl staff is on full creativity for the movie:
Guillaume set up a first screenplay, Erwan playing the role of his life, John (our housekeeper) also recruited for a major role and myself on the translations.

You're gonna have to be a bit patient to see what it is all about... cameras are still rolling!

Then after such a filled up day, its dinner time and briefing for tomorrow. Another big day on the Ben is coming. It will be the last day out there for Ueli and cameraman Bertrand. They planed to go on The Secret - a pretty famous route and they have to be efficient, both of them.
But no doubt on that. Good night and see you tomorrow for more (wet) action !

(Photos by Tony Lamiche)
(Text by Loic Tonnot)