This film festival began for his second winter edition in Chamonix.
It will last until the 21th of February, and gather all the best outdoor filming crews.
A quick resume of what this festival features...

The best teams in the best mountains...

The top athletes representing the extreme sports of skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering, speed-flying and BASE-jumping will be in Chamonix in February 2009, to dispute the Nissan Outdoor Games film and photo competition. After four very successful summer editions, the event is taking place in the Mont-Blanc mountain range for the second time.

In a class of its own, this biggest European outdoor event combines the sporting performances of professional athletes with a creative and artistic aspect and blends it all into a festival of film and photography.
For seven days preceding the event, as a prelude to this fantastic alpine show, the winter games will host about sixty athletes, photographers and cameramen from Europe and North America to take part in the competition. Their challenge: shooting and editing 20 pictures and a short film, which according to the rules, must be no longer than 5 minutes including a sequence of BASE jumping, paragliding, mountaineering, skiing and snowboarding. Creativity-wise, anything goes… Elected by a jury, the best film will be judged on its photography, its screenplay and the performance of the riders. When it comes to pulling off the biggest moves, these high-level athletes should display the best combination of their disciplines with the Mont Blanc in the background.
The real interaction with the public will start on Friday the 20th of February. The "Outdoor Games' Village" in the centre of town will be the place to be for adults as well as kids. A climbing wall, concerts and giant-screens will be installed. Just next to this in the Petzl' booth, the public will have the opportunity to put on crampons and ice-tools and have a go at this fascinating discipline.

Last year, the Petzl Team made a film about Tony Lamiche, who wanted to make a photo with all the sport in a same picture.
Let's watch (or re-watch) the 08 Outdoorgames movie, by MédéO.

Outdoorgames 08 by MédéO - English Version

Outdoorgames 08 par MédéO - Version Française

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