When 15 climbers meet a strange guru from nowhere, nobody knows what will happen...  

videoBouldering Video - Navalameca 70's

The movie of the event, which took place in Spain (Navalosa), with all the Petzl team...


-Featuring :

Tony Lamiche, Jérome Meyer, Amely Delfino, Mickaël Fuselier, Jéremy Pancole, Stef Julien, Loic Gaidioz, Francois Lombard, Matthieu Maynadier, Audrey Bosc, Isabelle Carrier, Sam Beaugey, Anne Galdéano, Nicolas Badia, Maud Ansade, Philippe Ribière, Atma Singh, et Florent Ricci en Dj'Ghost...

Directed by Guillaume Broust.
Photography by Julien Nadiras, Lafouche, Guillaume Broust.
Music by Florent Ricci, eKoman, Club des Dioux featuring guests !!


-The Photo shoot

The pictures of the film (Copyright (c) Stephan Denys)
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-the making-of "Petzl Navalameca 70's movie" :

Florent Ricci aka "Léon Roubignol" in the DJ scratching sequence. To be noticed : this sequence has been taken in only one shot....

The outtake of the movie, or Why Daniel Dulac wanted to stay in the 70's ??
Daniel climbing on a beautifull arete (7a)...

Download the poster of the film.
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Affiche Navalameca