The movie of the Roctrip Zillertal [26mn].
Inside the Team... with many interviews, but also pure action shots in rock climbing & bouldering. Team Petzl took RocTrip to the granite wonderland of Zillertal, Austria
the summer of 2008.

The international star power was unrivaled, with
the best climbers from Spain, USA, Sweden, France, Canada, Great-Britain, the
Netherlands and Iran all throwing themselves at the boulders and cliffs
of this magical valley.

Voir la version française sous-titrée.


Dani Andrada, Lynn Hill, Lisa Rands,
Dave Graham, Steve McClure, Marcus Bock, Jorg Verhoven, Gérôme
Pouvreau, Said Belhaj, Chris Sharma, Sean McColl, Daniel Dulac, Tony
Lamiche, Jérôme Meyer, Maud Ansade, Charlotte Durif and many others...


All the tracks are composed by french composers.
You can listen some of the tracks on the Petzl' Facebook page.

00'00 > 02'18 : Saké [O.BenX & Samourai D.C]  "Fil Conducteur"
03'00 > 04'50 : Keshty  "Freedom"
04'55 > 07'44 : Degiheugi feat. Nawëlle of Screenatorium & Ghostown  "Mes nuits Tziganes"
08'20 > 15'00 : Nuff Dorothy  "Electro Peax" & "Blue Straite"
19'30 > 26'12 : Léon Roubinol  "J'arrose" & "No way"

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