Sharma onsights two 5.14b's and more...

Chris Sharma, fresh off his recent standard-setting send of Jumbo Love (5.15b) at Clark Mountain, made a weekend stopover in Maple Canyon, Utah on his way to Mill Creek.

He went directly to the Pipe Dream, a massive cave capped by a huge 70-foot roof and known for technical horizontal climbing on Maple's signature cobbles, and onsighted T-Rex, one of the three 5.14b's in the cave.

On Day Two, he onsighted Whole Shot (13d/14a), Toxic Turkey (13c) and a couple other 13s. On his last day climbing in Maple, Chris onsighted Divine Fury, a route he found solid for the grade of 5.14b. He battled it out for 24 minutes, using none of the kneebars that many people find essential for success. This was only the second time Chris has visited Maple. He last climbed there when he was teenager.

Chris Sharma onsighting "Divine Fury"
Photo © Petzl - John Evans

More pictures of Chris in Divine Fury on Flickr.