It’s 10:00 a.m. on Friday, August 31, in the center of Courmayeur where the 1913 CCC participants started the 86km long, 5998 meter vertical adventure. Due to adverse weather conditions the course was modified, and followed the original path of the first edition. It rained throughout the entire race, and the summits even had a light dusting of snow. During the night temperatures dropped to minus 10 degrees Celsius.


CCC® 2012 departure



pictoMaud Gobert, 3rd place WOMEN's category and Team Petzl member talks about here race.

" How did you prepare for the CCC®?
Maud : I am a hiking guide, I bike a lot and do other sports, but what really prepared me was my 15-day vacation right before the race!

Petzl : How would you sum up the race? What difficulties did you encounter?
Maud : Compared to 2010, where it rained heavily throughout the entire race, this year we had to deal with snow. We layered up at the start but in the end the weather wasn’t so bad. The hardest element to deal with was the wind on the summits and the mix of rain and snow. The only break in the weather was in Switzerland.

Otherwise I lost time due to a fall 15 minutes past La Fouly. I hurt my hand and knee. Ellie Greenwood passed me and was able to put a bit of time between the two of us. From then on my legs were no longer up for the climbs… I caught a pretty bad cough a couple of days ago so was not feeling my best.

CCC® 2012 under the snow

Petzl : This is your third CCC®, how did you feel?
Maud : The first time I ran it, we had warm, sunny, and stable weather. Personally I prefer to run when it's cold out. I'm used to the variable weather in the mountains so the cold and the rain don't bother me.

You also need to pay attention to those running right behind you. Sometimes the ground was so wet and slippery that I had to grab on to branches to keep from falling down!

Petzl : two passes were removed from the course; did that have any impact on your race?
Maud : It certainly did not help, since running downhill is one of my strengths. But I totally understand that for the organizers, it was the right choice to make.
The climb to Ferret pass was pretty bizarre, you couldn't see the top until only a couple of meters before reaching it.

Petzl : Did you run alone or with others?
Maud :
I was with someone most of the time, either in front of or behind other runners. I also crossed paths with my friend Maud and we ran together for a little while.

Petzl : In what upcoming trail races do you plan to participate?
Maud : If I'm feeling well, I'd like to run the Trail des Aiguilles Rouges, I just love this race. It's a difficult and technical course and you start at 3:00 a.m. in Chamonix. It's one of the first trail races that I ever ran, and they had to extend the course due to the weather. After that I have just followed my instinct!

Petzl : Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, and once again congratulations"


pictoSlideshow of the race



pictoCCC® final results

Podium CCC® 2012The awards ceremony took place today (September 1st) in Chamonix. Congratulations to everyone who finished the race!


Men's results
2. PASERO Mikael (FR)
3. PIANET Nicolas (FR)
4. CAMUS Sébastien(FR)
5. DURAND Regis(FR)
6. GUIBERT Augustin(FR)
7. BUSSIERE Franck(FR)
8. VIET Vincent(FR)
9. MACKEY Dave (US)
10. BROCHARD Laurent(FR)


Women's results
1. GREENWOOD Ellie (GB)podium femmes CCC 2012
3. GOBERT Maud (FR)
4. VALERO Anne (FR)
5. DEWALLE Christel (FR)
6. VANNSON Claire (FR)
7. EHANNO Audrey (FR)
8. MORBELLI Simona (IT)
10. MOTTO-ROS Sandrine (FR)








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