Team Petzl retraces the steps of the first explorers (Joe Berger, Fernand Petzl, Jean Lavigne, Georges Garby, Pierre Chevalier...). Thanks to extraordinary images from the film “Siphon-1122” (directed by Georges Marry in 1962 and produced by Jack Lesage) relive the intensity of the first descent in this now well-known, must see cave.

For optimal image quality, turn off the lights, set your display to 720p, click on full-screen, turn up the volume, and step back 1 meter ;-)
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The abyss as seen by Phil Bence

" It all started with caving!
 The underground world is exciting, fascinating and demanding, and remains a fantastic space of discovery for generations of explorers.

 When Erwan lelann proposed at the end of 2009 that we integrate the Petzl team, I immediately wanted to share my experience and this universe with the other members of the team, all of them climbers, runners and mountaineers.
 For these accomplished athletes, familiar with verticality and various terrains, we had to find a cavern at their depth, a major network, big but not too difficult, with grand and varied ambiance and sights.
 This cavern also had to make sense in the project of continuing the collective and heroic adventures of the 1950s explorations of which Fernand Petzl was a part.
The choice was obvious: it would be the Gouffre Berger, the first sub 1000 in the world to be explored and now the most famous in the entire caving community. 
In spite of the unpredictable summer weather, the Gods of the Earth benevolently accompanied us, and we succeeded at this ambitious project: a discovery to 1100m beneath the earth. 
Bravo to everyone for your accomplishment and for being good-natured under all conditions! 
A great adventure that ends with images to share and powerful moments engraved on our souls."
phil bencePhilippe Bence
Rock climbing, caving, and canyoning instructor
Director of
EXPLOS Film festival

Photos of the Gouffre Berger cave

A few images from the Film “Immersion – Caving in the Gouffre Berger cave”.

gouffre berger caving
Nina Caprez getting ready to descend - photo © GBroust

 gouffre berger caving
Team Petzl at the entrance to the Gouffre Berger cave - photo © Serge Caillault
gouffre berger caving 
  Ten hours later, the team at the bottom of the abyss - photo © Serge Caillault
gouffre berger caving
Charlotte Durif at the bivy site - photo © GBroust
gouffre berger caving
The team navigates their way through a maze of stalagmites - photo © GBroust

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