On Thursday, April 28, 2011, an adventure to the North Pole started for the seven young people who remained at Château d'Oex following the selection process in February. Mike Horn immediately overwhelmed the young explorers by tasking them with a very important stage of this type of expedition: taking an inventory of everything (shoes, skis, harnesses, clothing…).

YEP Mike Horn - Pôle Nord
© Mike Horn


Discover the environment

The young people are greeted by a cold, white desert with temperatures of -20˚C and an adjustment period is needed to become adapted to the environment. Already, the budding explorers are discovering the habits and lifestyle of the Inuits. Some of them are introduced to the joys of skiing for the first time and all are aware of how to behave in this hostile environment.

The team's plan was to travel by airplane to the Magnetic North Pole on May 2. However severe weather conditions forced them to postpone their flight to the next day. It's not a big deal because there has already been so much to see where they have been. 


First video of the expedition.


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