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For the past 10 years, the Petzl RocTrips have been bringing together pro and amateur climbers in amazing locations. Far from the competitive side of the sport, this event allows everyone to enjoy climbing routes developed especially for the occasion. For the 2011 edition, a completely new site has been developed in the heart of China.

Nestled in the peaks of the Guizhou province, the immense natural arch and featured walls of Chuanschang were awaiting a visit. On two occasions, a solid team of international route setters visited the area and put up some incredibly beautiful routes.

October 2010: Dani Andrada, a legendary climber on Team Petzl, was among the first route setters to visit the area. Dani left the following message to Serge Castéran, who was in the process of packing his bags to go and meet him: "Sergio... Inhumana! La cueva es brutal como 5 time Santa Linya, te dejare vias de 5 estrellas ay montones" --> "Sergio, it's unreal! The cave is brutal, it's like five times the size of Santa Linya with an amazing number of 5-star routes to climb!"


250 climbing pitches

At the Petzl RocTrip China 2011, participants will be offered no fewer than 250 climbing pitches spread across 15 sectors in the valley. On the menu: a cocktail of extreme routes (up to 9a for the best climbers) accompanied by loads of moderate routes for everyone all served up on delicious limestone walls. The Chuanschang arch comes into its own in the autumn when the rays of the rising sun shine across the river.


Getu valley

Getu Valley and its inhabitants are already preparing their welcome for the climbers from around the world and this time of friendship surrounding their passion for climbing. Of course, the Petzl team will be present and will be joined by the elite of the Asian climbing community. The trip is a total change of scenery that will take you halfway around the world and through the arch at the end of the road. It will also be a unique opportunity to meet the Miao villagers, proud farmers who have been cultivating their rice fields for millennia.

Partners for the 2011 RocTrip include: La Sportiva, Ozark, Air Star, CMA, GZMA, and Guizhou Province

Stay tuned for more information!!!


nice work. i've heard

nice work. i've heard nothing but wondrous tales of insane multi pitches, late night bolting, and upset stomachs. jack's pictures are hard to believe. looking forward to going out soon myself. thanks petzl!

ps- chuanshang,, not chuanschang

Good Luck

Nice trip , I hope participate in Roctrip , See you

Register on Rock Trip

I'm one of the Iranian rock climber, and i want to be in this rock trip,
what should i do , where can i apply?
thank you
Yones Shariatmadari!/profile.php?id=100001828677210

registration for the RocTrip

It will be great to have you there.
The registration for the 2011 Petzl Roctrip will be online mid June, stay tuned for more infos on the website.


I can only say that this place is nothing less than pure magic. I have spent three weeks with the team and it was on of the best times I ever had climbing. The team put tremendous amount of work and endless hours of scouting, cleaning, bolting to make sure that every route is pure perfection.
Off course we had our share of late night baijiu (local rice wine) drinking, but hey even God had a rest day while creating the world.
There is everything from 5 to 5.15. Climbs for the young and old, weak and strong, cautious and brave.
This trip is going to rock you out!!!!
I can't wait for October!!!
Thank you Petzl for making this happen!!


Hey, Marcos ! How is everything going from up there in Getu Valley ? Any news on the registration ?

Location of the Event

Hi all,

Could you please share the google maps link of the "Gétû Valley"?
I'm not satisfied from my search results.

Answer Location

Hello Ozgun,

Google map search this :

25°41'10.95"N 106°15'50.18"E

You should be very close to the great arch of Gêtu


Many thanks for your concern.

Many thanks for your concern.


Hi! It's past mid-June. Any news on info, itinerary, and registration? :)

Answer : Info and registration

Hello Crissie,

Please accept our apologies, we are late on the publication of infos and registration for the Petzl Roc Trip China.
The content is almost ready and will be published soon. Stay tuned for a video, and the opening of the registration platform. Thank you for your support

Any news on Info and Vid for Roctrip 2011?

The anticipation is killing me!

Getu He

Great job fellas on the development of the Getu Valley and the most hard work of diplomatic compliance and politcal agreeance! In China, his years climbing season will be the most influential yet. Incredible rock, Inspiring climbers, and Thrilling nightlife are the main ingredients needed to take this sport to the limit within China.

During the past couple months, this festival has been the talk of Yangshuo. Everyone is pumped but waiting patiently to view this immense cave of Getu. Call all of your friends this is the one festival you will not want to miss! Can't wait to get back there in October. Thanks for everything!

Getuhe google map and climbing topos

Just for anyone wanting to see the google map of the location some copies of topos and a hand drawn map of the area. Please visit: Colours of Discovery Blog
I put this info up for anyone looking to get a bit of first hand info on this location. But it definitely not complete!

Thanks Eben ! looking

Thanks Eben ! looking forward to seeing the place up close. see you october !

climbing partner

Hi I will be in China for Oct. but my climbing partner won't, is it possible to come alone and hopefully find a partner over there?



hey, I'll be there without a

hey, I'll be there without a partner as well tho I know many people who'll go there. Not sure if they go as early as I will, I plan to be there around 15th of October.

hey Kat, sounds good, altho

hey Kat, sounds good, altho I'm start to think our situation will be quite common at the event, nonetheless keep in touch if you don't mind, I can't make it that early tho, maybe around 25-26.



Hella excited in California

Yangshuo town was a blast last year and I remember hearing through the grapevine that the Petzl team were up to some shenanigans nearby. Can't wait to meet you all!

Much love, from San Francisco

hotel at anshun ziyun

shout out to anyone who's familiar with that place, i found this hotel on, not sure if it's easy access to the site


Hello Angela,

Ziyun is as they say 38 Km away from Getu, that requires taking little taxis every day for 45 minutes to reach the site and same for the return trip later on.


Well... how good you have to

Well... how good you have to be to join the climbing? I'm just about 6c so I would feel stupid if joining the competition (registration means also competing, right?), but I'm already in China and want to see what Petzl has prepared:)

Answer : Well how good to you have to be

Hello Ola,

The Petzl Roc Trip is not a competition, it's meant to gather people of all level outside on rock. The Challenge is to climb the maximum routes in different sectors, prizes are drawn among all participants. There is a good number of routes in your level that you will surely enjoy. So don't worry no-one will judge you on your climbing level.
Hope to see you there

Shanghai American Climber

I am studying in Shanghai and I would love to make it to this...only problem is I don't have enough gear. However, I do speak enough Mandarin to get around. If anyone is willing to bring a rope and draws I am willing to translate!


Hello Ben,

Thanks for your offer, we have forwarded your proposal to the person in charge of the staff at the RocTrip.

Hope to see you there

climbing fest

Hi there,

Is there still enough time to register also, coming from Australia can you reccommend the best place to fly into,

Thanks for your time



Hello Melissa,

Our registration staff will do their best to see if you can get the invite very quickly to obtain your visa. Stay tuned for a direct contact from them.
We sincerely hope to see you there.

We are heading to Getu from

We are heading to Getu from Hong kong, where we land on the 10/22. Is there anyone going the same way?

Turkish team will land to

Turkish team will land to Guiyang Airport on 19th.
See you soon...


Hello Ozgun,
Great, we will be happy to welcome you there.

Hi, can we register once we

Hi, can we register once we arrive?


If you have not registered before the closing we cannot garantee that you will have a place to sleep undercover. Be prepared for camping outside.


destruction of getu caves


''For the last two years, developers backed by government officials have relentlessly destroyed the lower cavern system, cemented stairs into the ancient walls once scaled only by the gliding swallows and legendary locals using stick ladders, constructed a suspension bridge and a glass elevator

To construct the expanded parking lots and gates, so throngs of visitors can conveniently drive into the peaceful valley, developers and officials forcibly appropriated hundreds of acres of farm and forest land from the locals, many of the ethnic Miao descent. Local people’s protests were suppressed by police deployed by the local officials. Four most vocal leaders were jailed for 10 days.

Now the damages to the lower portions of the caves done, developers have moved for the “holiest of the holiest,” the Chuanshang, or Through Upper Cave, under the Great Arch! Workers are already clearing the delicate vegetation to make site for a hotel and restaurant!''
is this true? what is petzl doing against it?

Re destruction of Getu caves

Hello Tobias,

Unfortunately this seems to be true, we are trying to have more detailed informations. We are afraid that there is nothing that we can do about this.
Laurent de la Fouchardière
Petzl Community Manager

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