Among all the applicants from around the world, the sixteen candidates that were selected based on their applications met at Chateau d'Oex, Switzerland on 13 February 2011 for the selection camp. Their objective: to determine the team of explorers that will go to the North Pole in May 2011.


Physical activities and training

For ten days, these young athletes had the chance to prove their determination, strength and team spirit.

Supervised by outdoor professionals, the team had a range of activities planned for them:
- morning jog,

- physical training, 

- orienteering, 

- clinical testing (VO2 max), 

- rappelling,

- glacier travel,

- etc.

These open-air activities were undertaken before addressing theoretical issues such as:
- Learning survival techniques and first aid,
- Information about the impact that cold has on the body,
- Crevasse rescue methods.

In addition, during their trips to the glaciers at Les Diablerets, the young people were taught how to use different measuring instruments to be used for analysing the snowpack and for collecting information on the changing climate and avalanche risk.

It was also an opportunity for these future explorers to learn how to use video and photographic equipment.

Seminars and conferences

Several seminars and conferences were also held during the selection camp. Some focused on sustainable development and our planet's visible climate change while others were more focused on the Arctic environment, the consumption habits of the locals and current political issues.

At the end of the trip, a number of young explorers from previous expeditions came to speak about their experiences and welcome these newcomers to the Pangaea team.

A two-day adventure race that was very demanding, both physically and mentally, ended the 10-days that everyone described as "unforgettable"


Congratulations to the seven participants selected for the expedition:

  • Ariane Sainte-Marie, 19 years old, Canada
  • Felix He-Mao Hsu, 19 years old, China
  • Saskia Bauer, 18 years old, Germany
  • Rick Andre Zwaan, 17 years old, New Zealand
  • Maria Baranova, 20 years old, Russia
  • Christopher Barco, 18 years old, Swiss
  • Luana Rebholz-Chaves, 18 years old, Swiss

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