The six young explorers selected for the Pangaea expedition to Russia have set off on the adventure of a lifetime.

Following the Selection Camp in Switzerland the young explorers returned home to finalize last minute details as a unique journey into the dry, volcanic region of Russia awaited them. On the day of their departure they met Mike Horn for the first time and together they will share their discoveries and encounters with the Siberian people in Kamchatka.


The Kamchatka expedition in brief:


  • Where?
    Southern Russia
  • When?
    From November 28 to December 14, 2010
  • Objectives:
    - Discover the beauty of the wilds (scenic forests, bears, clean lakes and rivers).
    - Explore the Yelizovsky District.
    - Conduct research on the wildlife and biodiversity of the region.
    - Learn to observe and protect this natural environment.
  • Activities
    - Winter sports.
    - Walking.
    - Camping.
    - Trekking around volcanos.
    - Soaking in mineral hot springs.

Young explorers selected for this expedition :

Hayden Cockburn, 20 years old, New Zealand / SarayaD'Ath, 15 years old, Australia / Michaela Korodimou, 18 years old, United Kingdom / MaricellaUribe, 19 years old, USA / Carla Mckenzie, 19 years old, South Africa / PavelKuchinov, 21 years old, Russia (Wild Card).


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