The YEP (Young Explorers Program) participants have just been chosen for the “Pakistan Pangaea” expedition, the 5th of a series of 12 expeditions over 5 continents, from 2008 to 2012.

With his PANGAEA program, Mike Horn’s objective is to encourage the respect of the environment and to actively help clean the planet in order to protect it : a challenge for the future generations!
In addition to the adventure, these young explorers are encouraged to share their emotions, ideas, experiences and to take part in several projects with regard to biodiversity, water, humanitarian and social work.


An expedition to Pakistan on a 6000 m that has never been climbed before

The expedition will take place from June 1st to 26th 2010.
From Skardu, the team will go to Askoli to start their 20-day long trek in the Baltoro valley.
The objective of this expedition is to make young people aware of environmental issues in this region and more generally the issues linked to the atmospheric layer (thickness, fragility, height, etc.).
The idea is to climb a 6000-meter summit which is still virgin and to symbolically name it.
But the young explorers will also have a mission: to clean the base camps and take advantage of this experience to discover Himalayan culture and traditions.
Magic should be part of the experience: from the summit, our young people will have an impressive panorama over the immensity of the Karakorum chain, with mountains up to 8000 meters high.


Ten days of training

Among the many applicants throughout the world, 16 young people aged between 16 and 20 were selected to take part in a “preparation camp” from May 2nd to 12th at Château d’Oex in Switzerland.

The daily activities during this stay were based on a high-level program :

  • Physical tests implemented by a team of the Clinic Mayo.
  • Mercedes-Benz day (economical and environmental driving).
  • Presentation of the Katadyn company.
  • Seminary on nutrition and sport by the Clinic Mayo.
  • Seminary on water and sustainable development by the Geberit company.
  • Seminary on first aid training.
  • Audiovisual seminary (assembly of clips and content management).
  • Seminary on the Himalayan environmental and geographical specificity by Pr. Roswitha Stolz.
  • Orientation classes with fieldwork (cartography and compass reading).
  • Outing to Zermatt for 2 high-altitude hikes to the Petit Cervin and the Breithorn (4000 m) with a bivouac during a storm.
  • 2-day “Pangaea Raid” (multi-activity race).


Eight young people selected

After this pedagogical training, 8 young people are ready for the expedition to Pakistan.
Here are their names and profiles : 

1. Kai Pryce-Fitchen, 16, secondary-school student in Cape Town, South Africa.
As an ambassador, he took part in a program focused on helping young epileptics.

2. Basil Tan She Jeeng, 20, from Singapore in Asia.
At management level, he is involved in 2 international community participation ecological programs.

3. Jye Kluske, 19, science student from Adelaide, Australia.
He was classified among the first in an Australian National Geographic competition. 

4. Alexander Groos, 20, student in geography from Siegen, Germany.
He is currently helping and supporting a paraplegic invalid.

5. Daniel Hübner, 20, has just finished his national service. He lives in Wihelmsfeld, Germany.
He organizes funding projects for the protection of nature.

6. Hugo Clément, 17, student in an agricultural training college from Marsanne, France.
He loves climbing and alpinism.

7. Erica Wineland-Thomson, 20, from Colorado Springs, USA.
She took advantage of her “Young passionate women” Fitzie award to take photos in Tanzania with the professional photographer Bruce Dorn.

8. Tiziana Gees, 19, student in geography from Scharans, Switzerland.
She campaigns to ban shark meat. 

Partner of Mike Horn and his Pangaea program, Petzl wants to be involved in the safety of these young explorers during their expedition by :

  • lending material,
  • offering the help of mountain guides,
  • participating in the organization, choice o the itinerary, management…