After two crazy months of competition, the Jury is ready to announce its decision. More than 1,100 photos were submitted, reflecting a diversity of themes and concepts, making the choice of the winners very difficult.

The Jury's comments

Once night has fallen, what would we do without light? Probably not a great deal... But with a powerful and portable light, a multitude of possibilities open up to us!
That's what the participants of the contest showed us, through their creative and rich photos and videos. With so many illuminating ideas to consider, Jury deliberated long and hard to choose the winners. The winners which we are proud to present to you here.

Congratulations to everyone who participated with such quality creations!


The Jury used the following criteria to rate the photos:

  • Following contest rules (20%)
  • Originality (story, message, composition: 20%)
  • Technical or athletic performance, humor (20%)
  • Emotional impact (20%)
  • Quality (10%)
  • Objective difficulties during production (10%)

Each Jury member voted without knowing the votes of the others. At the end of this first round of voting, the jury had already reached a unanimous decision on the first place winner. The competition was much tighter for the three other places and it took several exchanges between members to choose them. And here are the final results:


Gagnant Jeu concours TIKKA²The Winners of the Photo Contest

1. Spotters of light in Céüse by Thomas Vialletet
Winner 1st place: Thomas Vialletet

The Jury's comments

Laurent Lafouche "Tom Tom and his spotters present us with a magnificent work of creativity, composition, technique and determination to make this image. A brillant idea, excellently photographed."

Stéphan Denys "A beautiful mix of action and lighting, accomplished in difficult conditions. A simple idea and a complex set-up, resulting in a technically perfect and extordinary photograph!"

John Evans "Of all the painting with light images, this one is the most original and fun, plus it's really well executed. I like the subtle star trails, the moment he caught the action and the paining of the two spotters."

Tony Lamiche "My kind of climbing action! A night shot perfectly executed with light painting, a long exposure, Céüse and a boulder problem..."

Comments from the winner

"I'm 24 years-old and I live in Gap, in the Hautes-Alpes of France. I've been climbing for 11 years and I took the Probatoire du Guide de Haute-montagne in 2009. I'm a member of the Youth Climbing Team of the FFME. I've been photographing for 5 years (2 years with film and then digital). I took the photography CAP in 2006 and I've been working as a photographer since 2008. I shoot climbing, landscapes and some journalism... It's still on an amateur level, but I'd like it to become more of a profession!"

Regarding the photo in the contest:
"A Canon 1d Mark III, Tokina fish-eye 10-17mm lens, with about an hour-long exposure at F/5.6, ISO 200, with a remote flash."

The back story of this photo:
"We scouted locations during the day to find a boulder with a view of Céüse, facing north (for the stars). Then we returned on a moonless night in December 2009 (at-15°C...). After the hour-long approach, the set-up time, a couple of tries with headlamps and a flash - I opened the shutter around 11:00pm... When it's cold, everything takes a long time! I was worried about the frost. When we came back an hour later, the camera and the lense were covered in it... But in the end, you can really can't see it!"

There were four of us that night:
"Arnaud Petit was the climber, Yannick Bourgeois did the spotters with the headlamp (after some explanation by me) and a friend was a spotter and manned the thermos... In the end, we had fun, but we were cold and had to wait until the next day to see the result. The camera needed one hour to remove the noise and to save the image and we were too tired to wait!"

Thomas Vialletet


For more information

Thomas' website : new window
For his photo, Thomas Vialletet will win his weight in Petzl gear! He will be presented with his prizes soon... Stay tuned!

2. Zlot d'Artur Zera
Winner 2nd place: Artur Zera

The Jury's comments

Laurent Lafouche "With this creation in the huge natural caves of caves of Zlot (Serbia), Artur Zéra immediately transported me to the heart of the caving universe. In this abyss, daylight and the lights of the cavers mix harmoniously. It really makes me want to go there!!"

Stéphan Denys "A great composition with the sujects perfectly placed. The two eyes of light seem to watch the cavers. An great invitation to go underground..."

John Evans "This shot would be at home on the pages of National Géographic. The location is fantastic. I love the interface between the light from above and from below on the subject. One sublte detail is a cool leading-line (the rope) coming up from the cavers below directing the view to the subject above."

Tony Lamiche "It's beautiful and the light is soft... The flash was placed in the right spot in the magnificent place with action. The composition is harmonious ...Bravo!"

Comments from the winner

Artur Żera is 29 years old. He comes from Poland where he works as a firefighter in Krakow. He belongs to a high rescue team, which is part of his Extinguishing Unit. For the last 15 years, he has been spending every piece of free time in the caves. His greatest achievement is the exploration of Wielka Litworowa, a part of the biggest cave in Poland. His discovery had made it deepest, so he holds the record of the deepest cave in Poland. Recently he has been practising caving photography.

For more information

Artur Zéra is a Polish caver and photographer. His photos new window are worth checking out.
Artur Zéra wins a complete selection of Petzl gear for the activity of his choice!

  3. Illumination of ruins by Peteris Daknis
Winner 3rd place: Peteris Daknis

The Jury's comments

Stéphan Denys  "A carefully executed image, where you can wander through by zooming in on the rooms to discover the details of each lit scene. This photo took a great deal of patience and technical ability."

John Evans "The amount of logistics and work required to create this image is really unbelievable - not to mention having to run around an abandoned sanatorium in the middle of the night."

Tony Lamiche "A modern representation of our urban life. Life and light in an abandoned building. An excellent photographic composition."

Laurent Lafouche "One of the most original ideas with perfect execution. The Power of Light gives life to this abandoned sanatorium. Beyond the graphic qualities, the technique of light painting brings back the phantoms of its former patients." 

Comments from the winner

"I am from letonia, and I got the information about this contest from Twitter and told my friends about it. There was no doubt that we can make something interesting, so we started to do some experiments. After this session we understood, that all of those pictures actually is a crap :) As we did not had an idea for a stunning photo, we started to develop ideas about video and one of them was to turn an old building into a virtual display, by illuminating windows one by one and putting it all together in a video afterwards. So we choose a suitable building with lot and large balconies, and work began. It took about 4 hours to complete, and we also learnt to change batteries while camera stays on a tripod and cannot be moved even a little :).
Exposition of every window was set to 20 seconds, enough time for "lightbrush operator" to run across the balcony without any safety railing. It was done by 5 people - Martins and Ieva took pictures from a tripod, Gatis operated the lightbrush, Liva was a 20 second countdown timer for Gatis and I took pictures from the process and coordinated both sides trough radio (as building was approx. 100m from the camera, located in identical building 4th floor). Then I put together all 113 pictures, made them ready for exporting still frames for video in any combination of illuminated windows.
After it was done, and I turned on all layers, I was surprised, how amazing it looks. We did not made a video, because it would be a lot of work (we calculated, that approx. 3000 frames are needed), but at the end we did not had that amount of time to work on it, and so I uploaded the "all windows on" image, just to show you what we did :)
We are not professional photographers, we did it just for fun. However, photographing is my and Martin's hobby, and this was nice experience of long exposure photography in low light conditions.
Peteris Daknis

For more information

A few making-of photos new window where you can see that they made a "light stick" to help with the light painting...
Peteris Daknis wins a complete selection of all 14 models TIKKA² line.
He will surely have other great visual ideas!

  4. Jusqu'au bout de l'action by Marc Morel
Winner 4th place: Marc Morel

The Jury's comments

John Evans "A great story-telling image that combines, action, landscape, and light, no wonder it was one of the public's favorites. The photographer nailed the balance of the various light sources and contrast."

Tony Lamiche "The action of the worker in real life... The sun that sets and the horse that is waiting for the end of a long day's work. The sparks from the blacksmith illustrate the strength needed for this task."

Laurent Lafouche "A really unexpected activity to do by headlamp... The composition, the mastery of the light, the carefully created image and a very calm horse create a warm and restful moment."

Stéphan Denys "Superb harmonious ambiance that seems very natural, despite the complex combination of light sources. One-of-a-kind action while capturing the perfect moment. Bravo!"  

Gagnant Jeu concours TIKKA²People's choice

Lighten your way by Arif avec 4.3387

The Jury's comments

Arif wins the People's Choice award, which was calcuated by dividing the average score by the number of votes received.

Gagnant Jeu concours TIKKA²Runners-up - the Jury's Favorite Photos

Many very beautiful photos didn't have the chance to be recognized by the public.
With so many, the Jury decided to give a TIKKA PLUS² to the photographers of 60 of their favorite photos.

Again, congratulations to all the participants. The Grand Prize winners will be visiting Petzl HQ for the official weigh-in. We will be sure to ask them more questions about their photos!

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