We decided to award more prizes to the "Power of Light" videos and photos that touched us, impressed us or made us laugh. Some didn't get the chance to be recognized by the public. So congratulations to all these creators who will win a TIKKA PLUS².


Videos TIKKA 2Runners-up - the Jury's favorite photos

A slideshow of the Jury's 60 favorite photos:


Videos TIKKA 2The Runners-up - the Jury's favorites

favorites videosCITY SURVIVAL TOUR by Media Feliz
"A film about about a modern-day issue in many big cities, where large amounts edible food are disposed of that could otherwise be used to feed hundreds. A serious subject, but approached with a sense of humor, the best way to get ideas across."

Favorites videosBIRTH OF LIGHT by Tom-Tom
"A beautiful story, told with humor and tenderness. The egg sequence would have been more emotional had it been done in a single shot. Congratulations to Dad DOU and Mom TIKKA.

favorites videosREDRESS THE NIGHT by Jimmy B
"Many of the films submitted were dark and alarming (post-apocalypic, agonizing, distressful, etc.). This one is funny, positive and it has a human touch. A very creative way represent headlamps in action."

favorites videosAVENTURE NOCTURNE by Alex
"From the idea to the execution...a impressive film. Technically, one of the more complicated films to make with a huge amount of preparation, as each scene is a performance."

favorites videosSOMBRES SECRETS de Siosnarf
"Bon scénario, de la dérision, de l'humour... Le propre d'un vrai travail artistique: soit on adore soit on déteste, mais cela ne laisse jamais indifférent!"

favorites videosMOON RIDERS by Siosnarf
"A good story told with humor... The sign of a true artistic work: either you love it, or you hate it - but it doesn't leave you indifferent!"

favorites videosCONSPICIOUS BY ABSENCE by Bast
"The perfect example of the Power of Light, or "how to do at night what I can't do during the day." Climbers try their routes or problems at night, when it's cooler for improved friction. The right tone, nice images and a redpoint at the end!"

favorites videosFIAT LUX by Eric Stemen
"A voyage to the center of the Earth. No athleticism featured, but a call to contemplate the marvels of nature. Quite a production in an oftentimes harsh environment. The Power of Light allows us to illuminate these magnificent places."

favorites videosENVERS DU DECOR y Pcool
"Very audacious, sweet and light. Great special effects!"


favorites videosRAYON MAGIQUE by Vanoise1
"The orginal Power of Light. A fleeting moment that leaves us amazed and awed."

favorites videosAQUA BIANCA by Xwarz
"Takes your breath away.... Real caving, filmed and edited with rhythm. The transitional effects weigh the editing down a little, but congratulations to the explorers!"

favorites videosOUR DARKEST MOMENTS by Darkmoments
"An intriguing and promising beginning, with a fine and distinguished sense of direction. The images of ice climbing are magnificent. Too bad that the climber forgot his partner on the way."

favorites videosPETZL SUEDE by Dnis
"A funny idea, well executed. The actor is perfect in his role and the film aptly illustrates the Power of Light. However, the ZIPKA PLUS² won't help you with your tan..."

favorites videosLIGHT AT NIGHT by Gribouillis
"A very original idea, treated with poetry and tenderness. A remarkable amount of work was necessary to bring the characters to life, image by image. A nice, artistic work, from the scenery all the way to the accessories."

favorites videosTHE ROSE CAVALIER by Cavalier
"An incongruous idea, treated with humor. The actor's role works. The idea of the pack is complicated to express, but it works..."

favorites videosMEANWHILE UNDERGROUND by Matthias
"Nice underground images...solid work by the Nerds of Alpinisme... Clear shots, well thought-out images and quick editing... Too bad there wasn't a story!"

favorites videosTHE POWER OF LIGHT by Jakub Banach
"Another nice animated fillm...with lots of work...image by image. A simple film that makes the viewer smile."


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