After long and serious deliberation, the jury has announced the winners of the contest. As you can imagine, with the great quality and diversity of submissions, it was difficult to reach a final decision.

The Jury's comments

We preferred videos that were specifically made for the contest. Compared with using pre-existing content, it is much more challenging to come up with, film and edit a video in two months. The videos that were filmed for the contest often had stronger, clearer messages with a sense of humor. For the most part, the contest rules were followed. One remark concerning the length of the videos: while the two-minute limit was not obligatory, several of the films would have been better if they had been shorter.
Finally, when looked as a whole, the videos and photos demonstrated the use of headlamps in lots of non-vertical activities, in almost unimaginable applications - showing entirely new ways to use headlamps. The question we asked at the beginning of the contest was: "What do you do with your headlamp?" To which the answer clearly is: You can really do just about anything with a headlamp."

A big thanks to all those that participated in the contest and submitted such quality work!


The Jury used the following criteria to rate the videos:

  • Following contest rules (20%)
  • Originality (story, message, composition: 20%)
  • Technical or athletic performance, humor (20%)
  • Emotional impact (20%)
  • Quality (10%)
  • Objective difficulties during production (10%)

Each Jury member voted without know the votes of the others. At the end of this first round of voting, the jury had already reached a unanimous decision on the first place winner. The competition was much tighter for the three other places and it took several exchanges between members to choose them. And here are the final results:

Gagnant Jeu concours TIKKA²Video Winners

  1. Light revolution by Jean-Baptiste Merendet

The Jury's comments

Josh Lowell "Extends the idea of "The Power Of Light" beyond sight to something emotional and intense. Combines authentic action with a cinematic feel. Professionally executed on all levels - concept, shooting, editing, effects."

Sean White "Creative, thoughtful, unique and professionally executed. The Hollywood style story introduces the concept and sets up the purpose of the action. Nice lighting and shooting. The performances and action were different than most of the other films and were photographed and edited in a very stylish fashion. Very sexy visual effect ending. A clear winner."

Bertrand Delapierre "Well directed and filmed. One of the most original".

Guillaume Broust "A nice, well-produced creation, obvious care was taken with the color and movement. Bravo to the director of photography! When are we going to see the 50mn version?"

2. Le Noël d'Horacio by Alexandre Aimard

The Jury's comments

Sean White "This film was super entertaining and fun. You could feel the energy of the filmmakers come through in all aspects of the program. The little boy was so cute than just watching him walking made me laugh. There was story and humour plus some simple but effective and visual effects that added style and value to the film."

Bertrand Delapierre "When you have children, it's impossible not to cite this application of the 'Power of Light'! Good actors in a nice ambiance with a true final credit roll."

Josh Lowell "Silly and sweet with a clear concept. A nice balance to all the dark and intense pieces."

Guillaume Broust "A humerous, unpretentious film. A story with a beginning, middle and end."

3. Lost in light by Matthieu Paré

The Jury's comments

Josh Lowell "I liked it because it had a clear way of showing the light as powerful. So many of the videos were dark and gloomy and even when the light was on, it didn't look very powerful because everything is so horrendously under-exposed. This one made the light look bright and super-powerful. Builds well to the key moment at the end, great shooting, and a cool spaceship!"

Guillaume Broust "This video illustrates the real power of light (even if the director plays with the science fiction aspect). An unexpected ending that disrupts the classic plot device and makes you want to watch the video again."

4. Light meal by Christos Badekas

The Jury's comments

Sean White "This film had it all: A clear vision and story from the director, excellent technical execution, evidence of the contest theme and a subtle humour that evoked emotion. The industrial music fit the harsh lighting of the scene and the editing was well timed. The pacing of the scenes kept the viewer engaged and wondering what would happen next. The actor played the part very well and the eating of the headlamps made me feel like I was actually eating them too. The surprise ending was a nice touch and accented the theme of the contest. Bravo!"

Guillaume Broust "A good performance by the actor. A simple concept with an unexpected ending. A film that really make you NOT want to eat headlamps!"

Josh Lowell "Simple and effective concept and execution, with some humor".

Gagnant Jeu concours TIKKA²A special prize

The maxi power of a mini light by Marc Maintrot

Petzl was recently contacted by the LEGO Group regarding the Power of Light grand prize-winning video, "THE MAXI POWER OF MINI LIGHT" by Marc Maintrot. They informed us that LEGO® Minifigures are trademark protected. As such, the video was found in violation of Article 9 of the Contest rules ("Each Participant guarantees to the Organizing Body the free and peaceable exploitation of the copyright ensuing from the Creation for the duration of the Contest."). We are obligated to stop distribution of the video and we cannot award it with the Grand Prize.

As a result, the Jury has decided to do the following:
- All the winners will be shifted up one place in the final ranking. First prize now goes to Jean Baptiste Mérendet for his video "THE LIGHT REVOLUTION."
- We will be presenting Marc Maintrot's team with a special prize recognizing their excellent work on the "THE MAXI POWER OF MINI LIGHT" video.
This decision was accepted by all the winners.

Gagnant Jeu concours TIKKA²People's Choice Award

  Bringer of the Light by BoMo with a score of 4.1333

The Jury's comments

BoMo wins the People's Choice Award, which was calculated by dividing the average vote score by the number of total votes.

Gagnant Jeu concours TIKKA²The Runners-up: The Jury's favorites

  So many good videos were submitted and many didn't get the chance to be recognized by the public.
The Jury decided to give out a dozen TIKKA PLUS² headlamps to highlight their favorites.
Click here to check out the runners-up videos!

Once again, thank you for particpating! The winners will soon be visiting the Petzl HQ for the official weighing-in. We'll use the occasion to ask them questions about the making-of their films.

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