The window to submit photos and videos closed at midnight on December 31, 2009. We were receiving new entries right up until the last minute. The final tally for the contest: 1154 photos and 80 videos. They are all in the running for the grand prize, as decided by the Jury. They are going to have their work cut out for them - there are so many great submissions! The last round of public voting is open until January 14. Below are the winners of the Week 9 round.




1. Eclipse by Magic light (score: 3.5144)

2. Night beauty by Loriklaslo
(score: 3.7481)


3. Cascade de Nuit by Neoguizmo (score: 3.4384)

4. Petzl-light shadow by Konyi
(score: 3.4344)

5. L'anima verso l'infinito,più della sentinella verso l'aurora by Kavia
(score: 3.4133)





1. Birth of the Light by Tom-Tom (score: 3.3204) 


  2. Le Noël d'Horacio by Oeuf dur (score: 3.3130)


  3. The Light Revolution by jibehem (score: 3.0822)


  4. Redress the night by JImmy B (score: 3.0374)

  5. Lutte de luz by Admin-bioloko (score: 2.6634)

Congrats to this week's winners and Happy New Year!



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