The TIKKA² contest has been up and running for more than a month now. We've received many great submissions and not all the great ones won the weekly popular online vote.

We wanted to share with you a selection of photos and vildeos that we really enjoyed...entries that stood out, surprised us or made us laugh. Just like the weekly winners of the popuar vote, the submissions below are eligible to win the final grand prizes as decided by the Jury.



Liquid Light - edgewatermedia


The Sun is not dead - Zam


Falling Star - nathan


Jusqu'au bout de l'action - Midebou


Illumination - Kundun


Biking in the glacier - Totti


le danseur - lundi


Homo lux l'age de la lumière - Dring


BatMan - Spéléo


BABY LED - Mousquif


Escursion dans un auvent - raffiné


Amon's Secret - Mikhael


J'irai te décrocher la lune - MIKA@.G


S'imaginer autrement - Lespiscaros


Aven de la Buse - GP


Glacière - antoinne


Dans la nuit de Borneo - lhfage


Cold Sweat - Baschi


Zlot - howito


A brief escape from the darkness - northcave


Night skiing - Valentin


Cave diving - Lili


Crocodile - Nicolaye


slacklightning - martl


Deep water lighting - oli90


Markov spodmol cave - 1saola1


Illuminate - Rhyno


Painting with light in Fontainebleau


Lueur de dolie - flatcut


Light skier - patrick


Hadoken - loulou



Loads of work went in to making these videos. Many were specifically created for the contest and were done quickly (2 to 3 weeks of work). Thanks to all the participants and good luck to everyone.
Only 2 weeks remain until the contest is over. There's still time to enter for your chance to win!

Light at Night - Gribouillis


The TIKKA effect - Somjas


The power of light - jakub banach


Time machine - Chriss


A TIKKA, what for? - JiCé


Meanwhile underground - Matthias


The bringer of the light - BoMo


Moon Riders - Bast


Le pouvoir de la neige - Morgan


Aventure nocturne - Alex


The Night lights -


Thanks again for all the great entries and good luck to everyone!


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