It's come to our attention that a few issues have arisen with the photo category of the TIKKA² contest. As a result, we are making a few changes to the website to prevent future abuse:

  • When you vote for a photo, a window will open and ask you to copy the code displayed (just as with the commentaries). This is to avoid automatic votes placed by web robots.
  • We are going to double check the IP address by using a cookie to limit the vote so that you can only vote for each submission once a day. This is to prevent people who hide their IP address from voting several times in one day.
  • You must now enter your email address when you want to comment on a photo. We will only use it to notify you if we are obliged to moderate your comment. We will not display it or use your address for any other reason.

Finally, following what was clearly cheating, we were forced to disqualify one of the previous weeks' winners. Nothing prevents participants from encouraging their friends to vote for them. That's part of the game!

There's only one month left to enter the contest! We're looking forward to getting your video or photo submissions!




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