For the 4th week of the contest, we once again received a lot of great photos and videos from participants.
Participants who submitted the five highest scoring photographs and the top two videos will all receive TIKKA PLUS² headlamps.



1. Startrails by David de Roest (score: 3.8559)

2. Geometry by Stollen
(score: 3,8094)


3. Getting out by Caver_jolly (score: 3.5146)

4. Jeu avec le soleil par Paraglider
(sc: 3.5085)

5. Quand on n'y voit goutte par Christian
(note: 3.4815)






1. Tight spaces by Smedeiros (score: 3.1167) 


2. Meanwhile underground by Matthias (score: 3.0714) 


Thanks again to all the participants who submitted photos or videos!  



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