Another round of great photos! And videos are starting to come in.
Congrats to this week's five photo winners and five video winners! They'll all be getting TIKKA PLUS² headlamps.



1. Helloween by kacnje (score: 3.4361)

2. Eléctrique by La fraicheur
(score: 3,4346)


3. Give me the light by Peterg (score: 3.3893)

4. Le compagnon by Flo65
(score: 3.3863)

5. Dawn of the headlights- everest summit! by Tunc Findik
(score: 3.3590)





1. The bringer of the light by bomo (score: 4.3860) 


2. Moon riders by Bast (score: 4.2754)


3. Secours spéléo by night by Crocus (score: 2.8409) 



 4. Boite de nuit en bivouac by Lea (score: 2.7701) 


 5. Guided by the light by Pawel (score: 2.5745)

Thanks for particpating and be sure to spread the word!  



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