The TIKKA² photo/video contest has been live one week and we've recieved lots of great submissions. Congratulations to this week's winners!
They were voted on by the public (taking into account the number of stars awarded and the total number of votes) and each winner will receive a TIKKA PLUS² headlamp. Here are this week's winners:


1. Weisshorn by aobohinj (score: 3.5858)
TIKKA² contest winner of the week
2. Bärk by JNiemann (score: 3.4478)
TIKKA² contest winner of the week
3. Chalet Montagnard féérique by vivie (score: 3.4251)
TIKKA² contest winner of the week
4. "Markov spodmol" cave by 1saola1 (score: 3.3974)
TIKKA² contest winner of the week
5. Et la lumière fut by breyma64 (score: 3.3324)
TIKKA² contest winner of the week

Jury remarks

Thanks to the 240 contestants who already posted up their submissions to the "The Power of Light" contest, and congratualtions to this week's winners! Regarding the submissions, we'd like to encourage people to keep with the theme and spirit of the contest: "Show us the power of light" or "Why do we need light at night?" or "What do you do with you headlamp?"
Try to be as creative as possible but also try to produce something high quality. Night photos are hard to improvise and it takes a lot of work to make a good light painting photo. Grand Prize-winning submissions will be both creative and high-quality.
Finally be sure to check our current favorites and vote for those that you think are the best!




For this first week, there were only four winners (one of the videos didn't get the 20-vote required minimum).
For the moment, not very many films have been submitted, but the time required to make a short video is much longer than for a photo...

1. The Night Lights by
(score: 3.9745)


2. Aventure Nocturne by Alex (score: 3.9464)


3. Thé a Amellago by FAT (score: 3.4600)


4. Light in Sancy by Le Randonneur (score: 2.1905)

Jury remarks

  • Don't upload videos from your workplace's computer! Company proxies can block uploading files.
  • If you are not the singer/songwriter of your music, use only the tracks provided for the contest.
  • If you have any questions or technical problems related to the contest, please contact us using the CONTACT page.

Good luck. Until next week...