The Petzl Roctrip started on Thursday, June 25 in conjuntion with the Natural Games in Millau,France. Athletes from the worlds of climbing, paragliding, mountain biking and kayaking came together to have fun at this huge event. If you're not familliar with it, check out the introduction and the video of last year's event.

The bullet proof limstone of the Gorges de la Jonte

This year, the 90 meter Utlimate Routes (Infinity Lane) shot up the overhanging Cathédrale, in the Gorges de la Jonte. Invited athletes had to flash the route, and weren't able to work the route after falling. Excellent route reading skills and a massive amount of endurance where the two key ingredients needed for this 6th annual Petzl Roc Trip.

Lynn Hill
Lynn Hill deals with the run-outs...

Athletes present: Sean McColl, Mickaël Fuselier, Steve McClure, Dani Andrada, Gerhard Hörager, Tony Lamiche, Enzo Oddo, Daniel Dulac, Chris Sharma, Dave Graham, Nina Caprez, Martina Cùfar, Chloé Minoret and Lynn Hill... The Iranian team also made a surprise visit. Three of Iran's best climbers also competed: Artimes Farshadyeganeh, Gholamali Baratzade and Hossein Fakour Moghadam.


 Martina Cufar
Martina Cùfar on the final headwall of Infinity Lane

First, the women: Martina Cùfar flashed the women's Ultimate route!
Turning to the men, Daniel Dulac figured out the first bouldery section and headed up the overhanging wall, but didn't make to the final pillar. Dani Andrada got to the first holds on the last section before falling.

Daniel Dulac
Daniel Dulac the men's Infinity Lane

Finally. three slack lines were put up in the Cirque des Vases. These highlines were between 10 and 60 meters long and were up to 100 meters high. A new highline was set up between the Roche décollée and the Vase de Chine, inaugurated by Andy Lewis, a slack line specialist, who had come from his home in California especially for this event.

The highline between the Vase de Chine and the Roche Décollée

Without a doubt more sending is to come...
Stay tuned!

For Day 2, go here.

Daniel Dulac

Photo credits: Laurent Lafouche and Sam Bié