For the second year in a row, the Petzl Roc Trip has joined forces with the Vibram Natural Games. This multi-sport outdoor event brings together pro and amateur climbers, paragliders, downhill mountain bikers, freestyle kayakers and slackliners to Millau, France.



The headquarters of the Vibram Natural Games will be located at the Golf Café, where all the participants and sponsors will get together for unforgettable demos and concerts. The full program and sign-up information are available here:











In the meantime, we'd like to show you the Ravin des Echos climbing area. It's located directly above the main parking lot in the Gorge at the second switch back on Route D966, 2km upstream from Rozier (next to the emergency telephone).

The access trail climbs up the ravine and goes to the left of the Pégase formation then crosses high and to the right to reach a small pass, where the Cathédrale and the Petite Arête can be seen. Don't take the washed out and steep direct trail... This year's Roc Trip will be the occasion to repair the trails and restore the trail markings. Approach time to the Pégase formation is 10 min; Petite Arête and Cathédrale, 25 min.

Located at the bottom of the ravine and close to the road, the Pégase formation has 3 amazing pitches of French grade 5 climbing that brings you to a tiny summit.

As a great introduction to multi-pitch climbing, Zébulon (4c) is a must-do. The neighboring route, the Petite Arête, has a short 6a bouldery section (or A0) on the first pitch. Descend via rappel.

"4 Dalles" is a little more sustained (6C+, 7A+, 7A+, 7A+) and links the entire face. A good onsite challenge. Descend by rappelling or hiking down the canyon back behind the route.

The bright orange, overhanging wall of "la Poire", has the warm-ups you'll need for the Ultimate Routes, which are to the right of the cliff and go up two large prows.

New areas with routes of all levels are being bolted for the occasion (check them out during the Roc Trip).

After a few minutes of hiking upstream on the trail at the base of the cliff, you hit the "Cirque des Vases" which has without a doubt the most beautiful classic lines in the Gorges. During the Natural Games, a High Line demonstration is planned at the Cirque des Vases. This promises to be quite exciting for both participants and spectators.

The complete Gorges de la Jonte guidebook is published by the Club Alpin Français (Causses and Cévennes section). It's available in bookstores, tobacco shops and other local stores. Profits from the sale of the guidebooks go toward equipping routes and managing the climbing areas. By purchaseing a local guidebook, you're directly supporting climbing in the area.

The Gorges de la Jonte is an exceptional area not only for climbing but also for hiking. The "Corniches du Méjean" trail circuit offers an amazing panorama of the Tarn and Jonte valleys. You'll see soaring griffon vultures and and in the spring, wild flowers.

Of course, it's important to respect the environment by leaving no trace. Carry out all your trash and bury everything else. Wilderness camping and fires are forbidden.

Camping, lodging and food are available nearby.
Tourist Offices: Le Rozier, Peyreleau, Meyrueis Millau.
Photos: Lafouche



Check out the Natural Games video [18 minutes] and witness Adam Ondra's first ascent of "Natural Games #1" (8c).

From 25th to 29th of June.2008, the Natural Games in Millau (Aveyron - France) put together the most impressive outdoor' crazy athletes ! This fusion of four universes gathered for the first time all the people of the outdoor community - climb, ride and fun...

Guest stars of the Natural Games included:

  • Franck Parolin, Sabrina Jonnier, Rémy Absalon, Fabien Cousinién Fabien Pédemanaud, Anaïs Pajot for DOWNHILL MOUNTAINBIKING;
  • David Desnoes, Simon Bonicel, Fred Austruy for the DIRT SESSION;
  • Marc Girardin, Nouria Newman, Gauthier & Valentin Grollemund, Fred Dumont for KAYAKING;
  • Guillaume Cornet, Michel 'Titi' Macquet, Jean-Mi Devif for ACROBATIC PARAGLIDING;
  • Dani Andrada, Steve McClure, Daniel Dulac, Martina Cufar, Daila Ojeda, Gérôme Pouvreau, Said Belhaj, Liv Sansoz, Sean McColl, Berta Martin, Jérôme Meyer, Florence Pinet, Klemen Bekan and Adam Ondra for CLIMBING.