Under The Pole

Under The Pole: a cutting-edge scientific expedition in preparation

This expedition is setting out to research and examine the underwater side of the North Pole icesfloe. The goal is video document this rarely studied aspect of the North Pole that's shrinking each passing year.

This unseen world is difficult to access and is expected to disappear completely during the summer in eight to 15 years.

After some preparation, this exciting scientific adventure is getting closer to becoming a reality. In February, the 6-person team of specialists gathered in Tignes, France for two days of training and then left for the Northern iceshelf of the Baltic Sea for 18 days in conditions similar to those they will encounter on the North Pole.

This wel- publicized project will be launched with a video and now has its own dedicated website: www.underthepole.com. Ghislain Bardout, the expedition organizer is happy with the results: "The project is will happen, we've gotten together 80% of the equipment and most of the outstanding questions have been answered." The project now turns to looking for additional funding, working on the website along with technical and scientific preparations.


Petzl supports this innovative project that combines skiing and underwater diving in the some of the most difficult terrain on the planet. Stay tuned...more adventure to follow... 

Photos: © Stéphane Régnier / Base Océans