Big wall in Namibia
The expedition team came back from Namibia with a film, Waypoint Namibia.

Download the wallpaper (.jpg - 1920x1200 - 3.3Mo)
Big wall wallpaper.
Photo copyright Peter Doucette.

Download the wallpaper (.jpg - 1920x1200 - 1.2Mo)
Rock climbing in the Namibian desert.
Photo copyright Gabe Rogel.


Multipitch climbing in "Gorges de la Jonte", France

Download the wallpaper (.jpg - 1920x1200 - 2.3Mo)
Multipitch climbing in Gorges de la Jonte, France.
Photo copyright Jocelyn Chavy.


Ice and mixed climbing in Ben Nevis, Scotland
Check out the report on Ben Nevis ice climbs featuring the Petzl team.

Download the wallpaper (.jpg - 1920x1200 - 1.8Mo)
Ice and mixed climbing in Ben Nevis.
Photo copyright Tony Lamiche.


Canyoning in Jordania

Download the wallpaper (.jpg - 1920x1200 - 2.4Mo)
Canyoning in Jordania.
Photo copyright Jocelyn Chavy.


this is so amazing. the

this is so amazing. the pictures are so great, cool! thanks a lot for sharing this one to us. looking forward to more of your posts in the future. keep it up!

how i wish i could do

how i wish i could do mountain climbing. thanks for posting this one. beautiful pictures.

How I wish also to climb

How I wish also to climb that soon.

just put it on my desktop.

just put it on my desktop. very inspiring.

..climb to great heights

These are truly inspiring photos. Looking at them, I can feel the cold, wet air in Scotland and hear the sound of the rushing waterfall in Jordania. Climbing is amazing for its ability to not only stimulate the mind, but all human senses.

In my current condition, I would need to find a transportable oxygen concentrator to reach the places and heights depicted in these pictures. It is my dream to do so within the next few years. It is a long road, but the more I study gear, technique, and practice the reality of my dream coming true grows a little more obtainable.

I will definitely look at these from time to time for inspiration.

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