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Compact and light asymmetrical locking carabiner

This manual locking carabiner is compact and light. It is designed for climbing, caving, canyoning, etc. The asymmetrical shape of the carabiner allows for a wide gate opening with excellent capacity and handling.

  • Asymmetrical design allows for a large capacity and wide gate opening
  • Special compact profile for reduced bulk
  • Keylock system
  • Available in SCREW-LOCK system only (with red lock indicator)


Material(s) : aluminum 7000
Certification(s) : CE EN 12275 type B, UIAA 121

Reference(s):M55 SL
Weight: 63 g
Color(s): anodized gray, polished gate
Locking system: SCREW-LOCK
Major axis strength: 24 kN
Open gate strength: 8 kN
Minor axis strength: 9 kN
Gate opening: 21 mm
Made in: IT
Guarantee: 3 years