SPIRLOCK - How to adjust and attach your crampon

The SPIRLOCK binding system is designed to work with boots having a heel welt height of less than 41mm.
If the height of the heel welt is more than 41mm, please choose another Petzl Charlet binding system that is more suitable to your boot: LEVERLOCK or FLEXLOCK.

Mounting the crampons to your boots requires two steps:




Fitting/adjusting the crampon

Adjust the crampon on your shoes by completely folding back the heel bail.
Do not place the bail in the boot welt for this adjustment.
The heel of the boot must be touching both heel stops







Attaching the crampons

Fine tune the heel bail if desired by changing its position in the holes on the heel-piece. (It is possible to obtain an asymmetric position depending on the shape of your boot).

Place the boot heel into the crampon and pull the heel bail over the welt, using the crampon straps if necessary. Next, seat the boot toe in the front of the crampon. If fitted correctly, the crampon should stay on the boot without engaging the toe binding.

If the crampon does not stay on the boot, re-position the heel bail in a different hole or shorten the length of the crampon.

Pull the flexible toebail over the front of your boot and secure the crampon by passing the strap through the hole in the toebail, making sure to keep the strap flat and free of twists. After passing the strap through the toebail, pass it through the inside wire loop of the heel bail, opposite the Doubleback buckle. To finish tying the straps, bring the strap around the front of the boot and secure it through the Doubleback buckle.