Degree of protection and electromagnetic compatibility

The performance and durability of electrical equipment also depends on external factors during use. For this reason, each headlamp carries its own degree of protection (IP XX), as well as an indication of its level of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

IP XX : degree of protection

The IP rating indicates the level of protection a product has against the entry of solids and liquids. It is expressed as IP XX. The XX represents two numbers. These numbers indicate conformity with the conditions summarized in the tables below.

The first number indicates
protection against solid objects:

X: Not measured -
0: Not protected -
1 = Protected against solids ≥ 50 mm in diameter
2 = Protected against solids ≥ 12.5 mm in diameter
3 = Protected against solids ≥ 2.5 mm in diameter
4 = Protected against solids ≥ 1 mm in diameter
5 = Protected against dust (limited ingress, no harmful deposits)
6 = Completely protected against dust

 The second number indicates
protection against liquids:

X = Not measured -
0 = Not protected -
1 = Protected against vertically falling water drops
2 = Protected against water drops (15° from vertical)
3 = Protected against rain (60° from vertical)
4 = Protected against sprayed water
5 = Protected against jets of water
6 = Protected against forceful hose-projected water
7 = temporary immersion (-1 meter for 30 minutes)
8 = prolonged immersion (deeper than 1 meter for period defined by manufacturer)





















Headlamps' waterproofness

Petzl headlamps fall into two categories :

  • Water-resistant headlamps (IPX4 or IPX6) resist the worst meteorological conditions (high humidity, snow, rain, quick immersion, etc.). They work even when water penetrates the headlamp body. This is due to stainless steel contacts and waterproofing of sensitive parts. In this type of situation, the headlamp should be dried and the batteries changed. The contacts should be inspected. This applies to all headlamps, except for the e+LITE, the ULTRA line and the DUO line.
    Water resistant
  • Waterproof -1 m (IP X7) and -5 m (IPX8) are water-tight. They can withstand an immersion of more than 30 minutes at -1 m to -5 m. If water does enter the headlamp, while changing the batteries in a damp environment, it should be dried. This applies to the e+LITE, the ULTRA line and the DUO line. Please note: to maintain the waterproof properties of a headlamp, certain care and storage guidelines must be followed.
    Note: If sea-water gets inside, rinse the lamp thoroughly in fresh water and dry it.
    Waterproof IP 67



Electromagnetic compatibility (CEM)

The electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) describes the ability of an electric device to work properly, independent of possible electromagnetic disturbances in the environment, and without producing its own.

All Petzl headlamps conform to the requirements of the 89/366/CEE directive concerning electromagnetic compatibility: they will not interfere with any other CE-marked devices.




maintenance: glue for padding Zipka Plus 2

What kind of GLUE should I use for the forehead padding on my Zipka Plus 2 headlamp?

Should PETZL send me the GLUE for forehead padding?

Answer Maintenance

Hello Enrique,

Your question has been forwarded to our aftersales service, stay tuned for an answer.

Thank you for your interest


petzl forehead pad glue

My Zipkas also have failed glue on the forehead padding... please help.

Thank you.

RE:petzl forehead pad glue


There is no special recommendation concerning the glue of the forehead pad. Our aftersales service can send you a replacement pad free of charge if you send a postal adress to :

Thank you for your support.


broken front side

I have TIKKA PLUS for many years and it was very helpful in my life...
now the front part next of the button have a big crack....
i try to put some glue but not working
i would like to ask if it's possible to find this part and i continue to use this
amazing headlamp....

Thank you.

RE Broken Front side

Sorry to hear that.
Please contact the aftersales service of our Petzl distributor in your country for assistance.

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