Batteries and rechargeable batteries


-Alkaline batteries
Alkaline batteries are very common and perform considerably better than saline batteries. They are well-suited for most self-powered electrical equipment. These batteries can also be stored for much longer periods.
-Lithium batteries
Lithium batteries have appeared more recently on the market and are used for situations requiring a greater capacity, a smaller size or less weight (lithium batteries are up to 30 % lighter than alkaline batteries of the same size), or a wider range of operating temperatures.
Not all Petzl headlamps are compatible with lithium batteries; please see the technical notices and for more information.

Petzl headlamps come equipped with the following batteries:
- alkaline (1.5 V)
- lithium watch-type (3 V)




Batteries produce a continuous current by transforming chemical energy into electrical energy.



-Battery insertion and polarity
All batteries are polarized, having one positive (+) and one negative (-) pole.

Respect Polarity
Batteries must be inserted correctly with respect to their polarity (follow the directions on the case). If a battery is inserted the opposite way, it will start to be charged by the other batteries. This causes a chemical reaction inside the reversed battery: within minutes it will begin to emit explosive gases and an extremely corrosive liquid. There is a risk of explosion or fire.



A weak level of light with new batteries indicates that the polarity of one or more batteries is reversed. Immediately turn off the light and verifify the polarity of the batteries.

-Discharge cycle
The way batteries discharge depends on the technology and also on the quality of the parts and its construction. In general, the voltage of alkaline batteries decreases steadily towards depletion during normal use, whereas the voltage supplied by lithium batteries decreases in stages.
When used in headlamps (intensive discharge), lithium batteries supply energy like this:

  • 1.5 V lithium batteries provide «regulated» lighting, i.e. constant lighting for the greater part of their cycle
  • 3 V lithium batteries (watch-style) are not regulated (their lighting curve is similar to the one for alkaline batteries)

Decharge piles

-Alkaline battery
       _1.5 V lithium battery
                               _3 V lithium battery (watch-style, etc.) 

The capacity of a battery is expressed in Ampere-hours (Ah). This indicates the period of time during which the battery will be able to provide a given current (e.g.. 1 Ah is equivalent to 1 Ampere for 1 hour). The greater the capacity, the longer the burn time of the headlamp.
Capacity depends directly on the type of battery (alkaline, lithium, etc.), on the number of components in the battery and its construction. Each manufacturer uses his own methodology to measure capacity.

In practice, the energy provided by a battery is also linked with conditions of use, primarily to the ambient temperature and to normal use. This is why it is essential to choose the batteries according to headlamp use (power, temperature, length of use, etc.).

Petzl headlamps that offer 3 lighting levels (maximum, optimum, economic) allow the true capacity of the energy source to be best exploited by adapting consumption (discharge current) to the conditions for use. In “economic” mode, the batteries hold on to more energy than in “maximum” or “optimum” mode.

Rechargeable batteries

Like standard batteries, rechargeable batteries deliver a direct current (domestic power grids deliver alternating current). On the other hand, rechargeable batteries can be charged and therefore reused over and over. Depending on the type, rechargeable batteries can undergo 200 to 1500 cycles of charging/discharging.
-Rechargeable nickel batteries
In these batteries, nickel is combined with cadmium (Ni-Cd) or with Metal Hydride (Ni-MH). Though extremely common at one time, Ni-Cd has been steadily replaced by the Ni-MH compound. This type offers a greater energy density, but also self-discharge more and allows fewer charge/discharge cycles. Ni-Cd technology remains popular, however, because it delivers a very strong current, significantly superior to that obtained from Ni-MH, Li-Ion or Li-po rechargeable batteries. This is why they are frequently used in portable wireless equipment, compact equipment, etc.
Ni-MH battery packs are available both in rechargeable battery format and standard format. These are designed to easily replace standard saline or alkaline batteries in every-day equipment (Walkman, camera, etc.).
-Rechargeable lithium batteries
This type of battery appeared in the ‘90s and uses lithium in ionic (Li-Ion) or polymer (Li-po) form. More expensive, but lighter, these batteries are found in the ULTRA headlamp, telephones, laptops, the new generation of camcorders, etc. Rechargeable lithium batteries require a specific recharging device. They are equipped with an electronic protection circuit which controls the voltage during charging, temperature, etc.).




The electric current delivered by rechargeable batteries comes from the transformation of chemical energy to electrical energy when the battery is connected to the electric circuit of the receiver. As opposed to standard batteries, the chemical process that takes place in the rechargeable batteries is reversible (recharging phase) and requires an adapted recharging device (charger).



-Battery insertion and polarity
Like standard batteries, all rechargeable batteries are polarized (one positive (+) and one negative (-) pole). It is therefore important to put the batteries into the headlamp in the direction indicated. Any batteries whose polarities are reversed will receive energy from the remaining batteries. This will appear as a recharge and could lead to an overcharge of the element.
When using properly charged batteries, a weak or non-existent level of light indicates that the polarity of one or more batteries is reversed. Immediately turn off the light and verifify the polarity of the batteries.

-Charging cycle
To recharge a battery, a quantity of electrical energy equal to the capacity of the battery is re-injected into the cell(s). The recharging process of a battery depends on its chemistry. The charge is mainly defined along three parameters:

  • the voltage
  • the current
  • the duration

The duration of the charge (normal, accelerated, quick, etc.) depends on the type of battery and on user needs. In each case, it is important to precisely follow the charging procedure indicated on the batteries and to not go over the recommended charging time.
A battery can not store more energy than its capacity permits. If a battery continues to be fed by an electrical current, it will overcharge. The transmitted energy will therefore be released as heat. This process leads to premature wearing of the cells (see “Memory effect”) and can be dangerous.
WARNING, be careful to:
- Always use the charger that comes with Petzl rechargeable batteries.
- Always check that the charger is appropriate when using store-bought batteries.
- Always follow the charging instructions - duration of current - indicated on the batteries.

-Discharge cycle
The way that rechargeable batteries will discharge depends on the chemistry used (Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-Ion, etc.), on the conditions of use, and also on the quality of the parts and the assembly. In general, rechargeable batteries provide “regulated” lighting, i.e. constant lighting for the greater part of their cycle. However, the energy available decreases very quickly at the end of the cycle.


This indicates the period of time during which the battery will be able to provide a given current (e.g.. 1 Ah is equivalent to 1 Ampere for 1 hour). Expressed in Ampere-hours (Ah), the capacity of the battery directly affects the burn time of the headlamp. It varies according to the chemistry used (Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-Ion, etc.), on the quantity of chemical components in the cell, and on the quality of the manufacturing.
The capacity of rechargeable batteries indicated by the manufacturer is calculated under optimal use conditions. The true capacity will vary according to the real conditions of use, particularly the temperature and the current used. This is why it is essential to choose the batteries according to headlamp use (power, temperature, length of use, etc.).
Petzl headlamps that offer 3 lighting levels (maximum, optimum, economic) allow the true capacity of the energy source to be best exploited by adapting consumption (discharge current) to the conditions of use. In “economic” mode, the batteries hold on to more energy than in “maximum” or “optimum” mode.

-"Memory" effect
The “memory effect” concerns Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries and, to a lesser degree, Ni-MH cells. It is independent of the normal aging process of the batteries, which can not be altered. This phenomenon occurs when batteries are not discharged and recharged correctly (repeated incomplete recharging, overcharging, etc.), and it causes the cell to wear out prematurely.


Please note

“Degassing” is the release of gas by standard or rechargeable batteries. This reaction is provoked by inappropriate use: discharging or recharging too intensively, inverting the poles, using defective cells, getting salt water into the battery case (electrolysis of components), etc. If degassed, the battery permanently loses some of its capacity.
All waterproof Petzl headlamps are equipped with a safety feature (pellet, technical membrane or mechanical valve) which compensates for degassing of batteries.
-Influence of ambient temperature
The temperature directly influences performance. The lower the temperature, the less energy the source will supply due to a slowing down of chemical activity. Lithium batteries offer a very wide range of uses (about -40°C to +60°C).
The remote battery packs of the ULTRA RUSH BELT, ULTRA VARIO BELT and DUO models can keep the batteries close to the body when outside temperatures are very low.
-Please recycle
Petzl would like to remind headlamp users to recycle discarded lamps, bulbs, and batteries. This trash contains materials that are particularly harmful to the environment. It is therefore important to sort them for recycling separately from regular household waste. Please inquire about battery collection and recycling in your area. As an alternative, rechargeable batteries can be reused, eliminating the need to dispose of them. All Petzl lamps can run on rechargeable batteries.




Rechargeable Battery Petzel E-55

I own a Petzel Headlamp. I require a Rechargeable Battery Petzel E-55 of 3.6 Vplts capacity. Alternatively an adapter E-13 for AA Batteries. I am based in Bombay (India). Kindly let me know from whre I can get them. If there is any substitute pleasde let me know. Thanks.
R. k. Makharia

Hello,You can contact

You can contact directly your local distributor in INDIA:
109, Ajit Indl. Estate
Mira village
401 104, Thane
+91-22 2845 6117 / 5227 / 8590
+91-22 2845 8619

E 13 Battery/ Adaptor

I live i9n the UK. Where could I obtain a Petzl E55 rechargeable battery or a E13 battery adaptor for my ancient but still useable headtorch

Re E13 battery /adaptor

Hello Michael,

Our apologies for a late answer, E55 is not available any more but E13 is still in stock at our main warehouse, in order to know how to purchase one in the UK please contact our Distributor Lyon Equipment : 44-(0)15396-25493


US availability of E13 adapter or E55 rechargeable battery

I have a Zoom headlamp and need to replace the battery pack. I'm in the USA. The battery casing specifies E13 battery adapter or the E55 rechargeable. If the E55 is no longer available, then I am wondering if I can use rechargeable AAs in the E13 adapter casing?

Thanks for your response.

Hello, Yes you can use

Yes you can use rechargeable AA in the E13 casing.
Thank you for your interest

e55 rechargeable battery

where can i find a e55 battery for my petzl headlamp

E 55 Availability

Hello Ronnie,

E 55 battery for zoom headlamps is still available in our main warehouse in France, this product can be ordered through your local dealer, if you don't have a dealer near you contact our distributor in your country.
thank you for your interest

Duo Belt battery case

I have an older Duo with the nylon battery pouch with the 4C battery holder. The holder is cracked and being held together with duct tape. Is it possible to buy the newer style battery holder?

Golden, CO USA

RE Duo Belt battery case

Hello Garrett,
Unfortunately, the battery holder can not be replaced on its own as the wire is welded to the plastic part.
Sorry but the headlamp can not be dismounted.
Thanks for your trust
All the best

Battery for headlamp

Where could I obtain a Petzl E55 rechargeable battery or a E13 battery adaptor, I live in Bangalore, India.

Answer Battery for headlamp

Hello Kari,

First accept our apologies for not being able to answer sooner, our web site has been temporarily down due to scheduled maintenance, answering comments was closed.

To obtain an E55 or E13 please contact our distributor in India :



Duo Belt

Hi Guys!

I need a Battery Case for 4 X AA Batterys, that comes at the headband.

Can you help me?

Greets, Wolfgang

Answer Duo Belt

Hello Wolfgang,

Your question has been forwarded to our Aftersales. Stay tuned for an answer.


Answer Duo Belt

Hello Wolfgang,

The only available spare part is the yellow battery container. We are sending this image directly to you by email. If it is what you are looking for, please contact our distributor in your country :

thank you for your interest

sir, i want a 1.5v

i want a 1.5v rechargeable battery
to make use of it in air pump...
please reply me

Petzl E55 rechargeable battery or a E13 battery adaptor

Because the 3LR12 batteries are not available,
I too need these for my Petzl headlamp.
Plz provide referral to US supplier (East Coast).


Hello Fran,
please contact the Customer Service of our American distribution :
Freeport Center M-7
PO Box 160447
UT 84016, Clearfield
United States

Phone: (801) 926-1500
Fax: (801) 926-1501


changing batteries

i do not know how to open the case of my petzl to change the batteries. i don't know the model number, but it is amber color with 4 bulbs. i know it uses AAA batteries, but i can not open it.
thank you.

Answer Changing batteries

Hello Mike,

Your product is probably a Tikka+ in translucent amber from the previous generation, there should be a small push button next to the on/off switch, press firmly on this button using a small coin and the rear pannel should open.


Best rechargeable batteries for Myo XP

Good afternoon, I have a myo xp a few months ago and I would like to buy the best rechargeable batteries available today in the world, I use to work sailor's very risky and need the maximum light and maximum durability. I heard that the higher the mAh the better the battery, is this true? I do not care what it costs, I just want to give me the specs to buy the best for this Myo XP.
Thank you very much in advance


Ni-Mh AA rechargeable batteries will give you the best, take some with minimum 2500 Mh for maximum output.

Thank you for your interest.


Li rechargable batteries for myo rxp

Reading internet articles I presumed Li rechargable to be the best. Especially since they offer more power at low temerature range. Should i by Li-rechargable or NiMH-rechargable?



Hello JH,
Indeed Petzl would recommend the use of LI-rechargeable batteries on the Myo RXP. The LI are the most performant batteries at low temperatures.

Thank you for your interest.

Thanx for your quick

Thanx for your quick response! Can you recommend which type and probably good brand names?




Hello Jeroen,
Sorry but we made a mistake, Li ion batteries do not exist in a AA size and thus cannot be fitted in a Myo Rxp. You can only use NiMh in size AA, take the most powerfull one, > 2300 ma/h.

info here :

Sorry again for this mistake.


AA Rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries for headlamp

I want to use this 3.7v AA size battery in the MYO RXP headlamp.

Is the headlamp able to take this high voltage battery?

Alternately, there is this:

For all who are wondering:
The weight savings in grams would be 24g
The NiMH battery solution would give 8100mAH
The Li-Ion solution would give 2250mAH
A 5850 net loss of mAH for 24g weight savings.


Hello Brian,
There is no problem to use these rechargeable batteries with the Myo RXP.

E55 Battery Pack for Pretzl Headlamp

Hi I have a Pretzl Headlamp but need a battery pack (E55) but reading the other comments on your webpage I was slightly confused, some answers to queries re the E55 say that it is no longer available whilst other replies say that it is available?, is this a availability determined by the country of the Headlamp user?
I now realise, from comments on web page)that there is a battery adaptor (E13) which is available and allows the use of regular AA batteries, is this still the case at present?
Many thanks for any assistance,

RE: E55 Battery Pack for Pretzl Headlamp

Hello Steven,

The battery you speak of is the accu ZOOM (reference number E55100) and Petzl does still have them available to order. Please contact your local distributor or retailer to order them. There is also the option to use the AA / LR battery adaptor using reference number E13 also available through your local retailer.

Should you need further help please do not hesitate to contact us,


rechargeagle battery mod e55

Hi i would like buy this battery thank you

Re : rechargeagle battery mod e55

This product is not in the range anymore, but i was able to find out that there are a few new units left in our warehouse in Crolles, France.

Please contact the distributor in your country and have them order one from us quickly.

Thank you for your support.


replacement batteries

i have an old petzl torch it takes a 4.5volt battery is there an adapeter on the market to convert it to take AA batteries and i'm currently running it with a repacement led



Re: replacement batteries

Hello Luap,

Please contact the Petzl distributor in your country (through the contact tab above) and ask if they have an E13 still in stock, this spare part allows to place 4 AA batteries in the headlamp instead of a 4,5 volt.

Thank you for your participation on our website


Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle let us do our share in protecting the environment.where to recycle electrical goods


I recently purchased 2 Petzl Tac Tikka Plus headlamps for the purpose of using them on our upcoming trip to climb Kilimanjaro. My question is: am I able to use lithium batteries in this it compatible...if not, why?



We are sorry but the Tactikka plus is not compatible with lithium batteries, (the voltage is higher than alkalines).

All these informations are specified in this document :


myo xp battery pack

I was changing the batteries in the myo xp and dropped it down a rock face. When I was able to find it the batteries had popped out and it looks like some kind of metal bracket. Is it possible to replace it?


In such a case, we don't think that your product is neither repairable nor covered by the warranty. For further advice, we suggest you to contact directly your local distributor.
Best regards

Re: Tikka 2 I have noticed

Re: Tikka 2
I have noticed that new batteries (alkaline) put into the lamp become totally exhausted after some time, even if the lamp has been used only a few times. Is it possible the lamp draws energy without being switched on ? Or may be there is another reason for that?


Hello Vlad,
Here is the answer from our technical department.

As most of electronics devices using "batteries", it's recommended to remove batteries from lamp for prolonged stotage

"Prolonged storage" means several months.
Our products are designed to have a consumption (OFF Lamp) the lower is possible.

I'don't know how long is the storage time in your case.

If it is less than 6 months, don't hesitate to contact our After-sales service.

"even if the lamp has been used only a few times" : we need to have the duration of your use to have a better analyse.

Thank you for your support

petzl zoom

i have a petzl zoom and I am looking to buy the rechargeable battery pack E55, i live in the US. Where can I find one of these



Please contact our customer service in the US.


Freeport Center M-7

PO Box 160447

UT 84016, Clearfield

United States

Phone: (801) 926-1500

Fax: (801) 926-1501


3lr12 battery, adapter petzl

3lr12 battery, adapter petzl ref e13, rechargeable battery petzl ref e55 with a standard bulb. I bought this at a garage sale and I'm wondering where I can find the batteries and charger for it.... I live in Ottawa, Ontario and would like to buy local if possible please.


Hello Wesley,
please contact our north american distribution in Salt Lake city.


Freeport Center M-7
PO Box 160447
UT 84016, Clearfield

Phone: (801) 926-1500
Fax: (801) 926-1501


need E55 rechargeable battery



Hello Jonny Rotten,

This product is not in the range anymore, but i was able to find out that there are a few new units left in our warehouse in Crolles, France.
Please contact the distributor in your country and have them order one from us quickly.

Thank you for your support.

Myo XP Belt

Hei, The fuse (2AF) that is placed in the battery case of my Myo XP Belt is blown out. Is it possible to order a spare battery case somewhere? Best,

RE: Myo XP Belt

Hi Tomek,

Please contact the Petzl distributor in your country.

They will be able to help you with this matter!



ACCU 2 battery problem

Hello, last year I bought two ACCU 2 battery, placed 10 months did not use, Now can not charge! Charger indicate that the power is full, but the use of the time but there is no electricity. I purchased in the United States, but I am currently in China. How can I do? Thank you!

Re: ACCU 2 battery problem


As mentioned in the technical notice, ACCU should be regularly recharged when left for a long period of inaction.

You've probably reached the deep discharged stat which unfortunately can not be recovered by the ACCU.

Please, contact the Petzl dictributor in China to get some help:

Best regards

E55100 Rechargeable battery

I have an old Petzl headlight with the E55100 rechargeable battery. Have not used in a long time. Now I would like to recharge. I have the charger, the battery and the headlamp. The charger has a red plastic insert which I believe is the negative and the other insert does not have any plastic cover which I think is the positive. Is this a functioning recharger and what should I do?

The headland has a red and blue covered inserts for when the battery is recharged.

Any advice?

RE: E55100 Rechargeable battery


We've sent you three pictures explaining the use of the ACCU, charger and ZOOM.

- Connect and charge the ACCU on the charger (red plastic insert with the positive)+ other insert with negative).

- Connect ACCU on the headlamp ZOOM (red wire on positive and blue wire on the negative)

Best regards

4.5 V battery for one of your caving lamps

I have one of your caving head lamps which uses the 4.5 V square battery. The one that came with it is a square duracell. I can not find one anywhere as they stopped making them. I need a new battery. DO you have any suggestions for a replacement. The lamp is still in great condition and I dont want to trash it. That would be such a waste. Any help wound be appreciated. Thank you.

RE 4.5 V battery for one of your caving lamps


Unfortunately we have stopped since several year manufacturing an adapter for using AA batteries on the Zoom series. Apparently this retailer still has some in stock :

If not maybe you can research for second hand one on the web.


Petzl ultra rush accu2 uk mains adapter

Hi there, where in the uk can I obtain the uk 3-pin adapter for my charger? When bought only came with us/Europe 2 pin..thanks

re Petzl ultra rush accu2 mains adapter

Hello Ben,

Please contact our distributor in the UK, they should be able to supply this to you :
United Kingdom
Junction 38, M6

CA10 3SS, Tebay Cumbria United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Phone: +44(0)15396 24040


Charger for CORE battery pack

I've got a Tikka XP2 (which seems to have disappeared from your collection) with a CORE battery pack - Li-ion Polymer 3.7V 900 MAh and I can't find the charger. The charging interface seems to be a micro-USB plug, so I can probably use a mobile phone charger, but the charging specification is not written on the battery nor can I find it here.

So, what I need to know is the voltage and current specified for the CORE battery pack. Thank you in advance!

RE Charger

To charge your core battery you can use any device that produces a USB tension (wall charger, car charger, solar charger). It connects to the Accu by a micro USB.


Hi i have the Utlra Rush headlamp and have a rechargeable battery that say's 2 Accu on it bu I was just wondering if the 4 Accu goes on my headlamp as well and if it lasts longer ?

- ingo

Re Battery

Hello Ingo,
Yes the accu4 will fit on the Ultra Rush and double the burntime of the lamp.

core battery latch broke

Hello i have a tikka xp 2 with a core rechargable battery and the latch on the battery that holds it closed broke. I can't use the headlamp with the core battery anymore. Where could i find a replacement for that plastic part?

RE core battery latch broke

Hello Bogdan,

Sorry to hear that, but unfortunately this product is not produced anymore and there is no more stock on the accu Core.
You can still use your headlamp with regular or rechargeable AAA batteries.

Duo Atex

Hi There

I have a Duo Atex and have upgraded the original bulbs (6v tungston & 2 pin side bulb) to a 14 LED array module and a 1w Led bulb.

Although I haven't used it caving yet, I am concerned that the rechargeable battery will run out prematurely (it is NiCd), on trying to obtain a spare pack I notice that they are now NiMh (so should give more burn time)

Can these be recharged in the original charging unit (I don't know enough about electricity to know if NiMh & NiCd can be charged safely in the same charger)

Kind regards

Re: Duo Atex

Hello Damian,
The charger is still the same and can charge both types.

petzl batteries

I own a Petzl headlight which I brought some years ago. it takes a 3LR12 alkaline battery or three AA batteries if you have the battery adapter. Can you please supply me with an adapter Petzl ref E13, as I cannot purchase 3LR12 batteries in America. Thank You Thomas Kelly

Re petzl batteries

Hello Thomas,

Sorry to say but there is no more stock for this adapter. The Zoom headlamp is not produced since several years. All our actual models of headlamps are using LED and are way much performant in terms of lighting and burntime, using lighter and potetially rechargeable AA or AAA batteries.

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