Mike Fuselier, El Cargo' 8b, Bolting trip en préparation du RocTrip Argentina - © Lafouche Mike Fuselier, El Cargo' 8b, Bolting trip en préparation du RocTrip Argentina - © Lafouche


Petzl harness design has always been driven by three main concerns: first and foremost, climber safety, secondarily the comfort of the climber and then the harness’ functionality.

Safety: Petzl harnesses are designed with features that enhance climber safety. By eliminating the need to completely unfasten the buckles, our patented DoubleBack buckles reduce the chance of improper harness closure. The printed green belay loop reminds climbers of correct tie-in locations and methods. Petzl’s high quality materials, computer-controlled stitching methods and meticulous workmanship mean that climbers can be confident that their harness will be durable over the long-term, even under the harshest of conditions. Every harness that leaves the Petzl factory must meet strict testing and quality control standards.

Comfort: Petzl realizes that comfort varies according to the application: a harness that’s comfortable for hanging might not be the most comfortable for glacier travel. Our Frame Construction with breathable monofilament mesh evenly distributes pressure, providing maximum support and comfort. The leg loops are designed to stay in place on the leg, ensuring maximum comfort in a fall. Petzl has two harnesses specifically designed to fit a woman’s physique.

Functionality: The user interface of a harness is a major factor in climbing performance. Rigid 3D front equipment loops (an original Petzl innovation) keep gear accessible and the flexible rear equipment loops provide additional gear racking capacity without getting in the way when wearing a backpack or climbing in chimneys. CARITOOL-compatible slots allow additional racking options. Harness adjustments can be done easily and quickly with the DoubleBack buckles.