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Caving helmet with ultra-powerful lighting, four regulated lighting modes and ACCU 2 ULTRA rechargeable battery

The TRIOS helmet is designed for cavers looking for a two-in-one solution that is complete, durable and comfortable. This helmet offers great versatility. It has an ABS shell and a polystyrene liner. Lighting is provided by an ULTRA WIDE headlamp. This headlamp provides ultra-powerful regulated lighting of 300 lumens and a uniform beam for approximately 180°. It has four lighting modes and a reserve mode for when the Lithium Ion battery is almost discharged.

  • Complete, high-performance lighting solution:
    - durable, lightweight, ventilated helmet
    - ultra-powerful, entirely electric lighting that is easy to use
  • Ultra high-output regulated lighting:
    - 300 lumens
    - wide, uniform beam for 180°
    - four lighting modes
    - constant light output, automatically switches to reserve mode when battery pack is almost discharged
  • Designed for activities like caving, etc.:
    - compact light body
    - high-output rechargeable battery pack (Lithium Ion 2000 mAh): large capacity and excellent performance at low temperatures
    - easy to use: choice of lighting level with intuitive dial
  • Reliable and durable:
    - test button for rechargeable battery with battery level indicator
    - durable construction and storm resistant (IP 67)
    - lamp and rechargeable batteries are guaranteed for 3 years
  • Versatile:
    - four lighting modes adapt lighting to the activity
    - light body can be tilted vertically to change light direction
  • Lighting is modular in order to suit the need or type of activity, with a light body and battery pack that are mounted on two quick connection plates:
    - to mount a headlamp on a helmet or on a bike with the optional accessories, or on the head with the elastic headband (included)
    - to recharge or replace the battery pack
    - to limit the weight worn on the head to 230 g by using the optional ULTRA extension cord (E55950) to move the battery pack onto the ULTRA harness, for example
  • Burn time is doubled with the high-output, large capacity ACCU 4 ULTRA rechargeable battery pack (optional E55400)
  • Reflective sticker for battery pack


Beam pattern : wide
Max. light quantity : 300 lumens
Max. lighting distance : 59 m
Max. battery life : 25 h
Constant lighting : yes
Rechargeable battery (included) : high-output, large capacity ACCU 2 ULTRA rechargeable battery pack (Lithium Ion 2000 mAh)
ULTRA quick charger: 100/240 V EUR/US compatible quick wall charger
Comes with elastic headband
Watertightness : IP 67 (waterproof to 30 cm for 10 minutes)

Material(s) : ABS shell, expanded polystyrene liner, polyester webbing straps
Color(s) : white

Certification(s) : CE, UIAA
Made in : FR
Guarantee : 3 years

Reference : E75 1UW
Weight : 635 g
Head circumference : 48-56 cm

Reference : E75 2UW
Weight : 660 g
Head circumference : 53-61 cm