Caving helmet with hybrid lighting: halogen/14 LEDs with three constant lighting modes

The SPELIOS caving helmet consists of an ELIOS CLUB helmet with attached DUO LED 14 headlamp. This helmet is suited for cavers and canyoneers looking for a complete, durable and comfortable solution. The hybrid light source delivers a powerful, focused beam (halogen bulb) or a wide flood beam (14 LEDs), depending on the situation. For greater versatility, the 14 LED light source has three constant lighting modes.

  • DUO LED 14 headlamp:
    - weight: 505 g (including batteries)
    - beam type: wide, focused
    - max. light quantity: 67 lm
    - max. lighting distance: 100 m
    - Max. burn time: 183 h
    - constant lighting: yes
    - number of batteries: 4
    - battery type: AA/LR6 (included)
    - battery compatibility: alkaline, lithium, rechargeable Ni-MH, rechargeable Ni-Cd
    - watertightness: IP X8 (waterproof to -5 meters)
    - lamp comes with spare halogen bulb
    - operates on four AA / LR6 batteries or ACCU DUO (not included)
  • Complete lighting solution:
    - rugged, lightweight, ventilated helmet
    - electric lighting is lightweight and easy to use
    - waterproof to -5 meters
  • Two powerful light sources to choose from, depending on the activity:
    - halogen light for long-range, focused lighting
    - 14 LEDs for flood beam proximity lighting, with 3 lighting modes (maximum, optimum, economic)
  • Constant level of proximity lighting with a long burn time:
    - 14 LEDs for a constant level of lighting until the batteries are nearly spent
    - automatically switches to reserve mode when batteries are nearly spent
  • Comfortable, easy to use lighting:
    - on/off switch can be locked to prevent accidental operation
    - light body can be tilted
  • Space for spare halogen bulb in the light body of the headlamp

Designed for:

• Material(s): ABS shell, expanded polypropylene (PPE) liner, polyester webbing, polyurethane (PU) foam
• Certification(s): CE EN 12492, UIAA
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Reference(s) E75AW 1
Size 1
Color(s) White helmet, gray/yellow headlamp
Weight 505 g
Head circumference 48 cm 53 cm

Reference(s) E75AW 2
Size 2
Color(s) White helmet, gray/yellow headlamp
Weight 535 g
Head circumference 56 cm 61 cm

Made in FR
Guarantee 3 years