CANYON Single tie-in point Gear loop


Canyoning harness with padded waistbelt and protective seat

Whitewater cascades, rappelling, swimming, jumping… this is the domain of the CANYON harness. Rugged, non-absorbent materials ensure lightweight longevity for all your aquatic adventures.

  • Removable and replaceable seat protection protects the wet suit from abrasion
  • Wide foam waistbelt provides support and comfort
  • Dyneema-reinforced attachment point is positioned high for comfort during rappels
  • DoubleBack buckles on the waistbelt and leg loops
  • Non-absorbent, hard wearing fabrics
  • Reinforced equipment loops


One-size-fits-all (see table for sizing)
Weight: 700 g
Color: black
- high-strength polyester webbing
- TPU seat protection
- EVA foam
- Dyneema reinforced attachment point
CE, EN 12277 type C
3-year guarantee